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Archive files

On this page you can download Alive mod, as well as several others, nemenee interesting modifications, including Alive mod and from the family of Alive mod.

The Alive mod. All versions.
Alive mod version 8.1 (6,0 MB)
Alive mod version 10.0 (3,7 MB)
Alive mod version 16.0 (32,7 MB)
Alive mod version 18.0 (20,6 MB)
Attention: The last 18th version of modification we put on top of the 16th, because the 18th - is the only addition to the 16th, and contains only the critical, the changed files.

Alive mod. Video.
These movies are compressed to a low quality. They show the rules, techniques of the game and the possibility of Alive mod in different modes. If you want to become an expert in the game Mafia and Alive mod, it must look at these movies!
Bridge Small 227 kb
Countryside Day 7470083 bytes
Death Match 7687093 bytes
Gangs of Lost Heaven 7305125 bytes
Land Mines 7240816 bytes
Micro Cars 5718614 bytes
No Comments 8000638 bytes
Port Mission 6693886 bytes
Raving Dreams 6743284 bytes
Super Power 5686305 bytes
Super Weapons 5848197 bytes

Mods from the family Alive mod.
Alive Bars mod v.28 (~90 MB)
Alive Continuing mod v.5.0 (4,39 MB)
Alive Gang mod v.4.5 (7,2 MB)

Another mods.
Cameraman by MikeMouse (875 KB)
Freeride Supreme by Darren v.1.03 (33,7 MB)
Functional Black Metal by Sir Mafia (6,00 MB)
Functional Panzer by Sir Mafia (2,58 MB)
Mod Helicoptere by Sir Mafia (3 MB)

Last news

Script of repairing car
Freeride Supreme by Darren
Functional Black Metal
Alive Mod Evolution (version 18.0) was released for public!