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As I discovered the Mafia

Actually, I'm in the game is not particularly big fan of play. There's no time for it, and the interest of a large modern games I did not cause. Boring they have something monotonous. Yes, in these beautiful graphics and great sound with the effect of presence, but the gameplay is primitive to ugliness! Hand on heart, how many types of gameplay exists in the games? I think we can call no more than a dozen, and all games, one way or another are part of this decade. someone very, very rarely come up with new gameplay and a game once it becomes a hit. Then its just a clone, whether well or ill, and in fact a clone can rarely be of the cult game. Mafia is a very special game in that regard. It seems that it does not offer us anything revolutionary new in terms of gameplay, but it offers us a diverse mix of games that have been, are and will hit forever. This shooter and adventure and racing, and more. And this mix is made and matched with the taste that we never ask ourselves what type of game we're playing at the moment, what this game is like. Because Mafia is not like any one of the existing games, like only by Mafia Mafia! Okay, I'll come back to the consideration of the gameplay of Mafia, and now that I began to play it and why this sick game.

It's simple, my son asked him to help pass the level, I sat down with him at the computer and could not break away In general, how it all started: "Daddy, help me, I can not pass level" and moved all in, "Dad, what are you playing again without me !!!" The Mafia I found what had always dreamed of a computer game - FREEDOM. Freedom in the broadest sense of the word. The player is not limited by the conventions of (well, almost unlimited) and may itself choose what he wants to do at the moment: shoot, drive a car or to look for secrets, or maybe just hang out aimlessly around the city ... and the area is beautiful! There is something to look at! Like all traced and animated! Music is delightful! Even the Mafia glitches sometimes make it only more realistic and alive, for example, sometimes in the Mafia tram stop. It seems to be a glitch engine, programming defect, but how is it similar to the Moscow trams, which also can stand for hours, and then go to the back of the head with each other, carrying the air Potential of the engine is huge! The history and development of the plot are gorgeous! So the Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven on the right has thousands of fans around the world who know her almost naizus, but will again and again to pass it. Because the Mafia became a cult game for many! By full right!

As I started modding Mafia

That's really what I did not expect was the fact that we'll get this thing! In my youth I was writing toys, just like almost every professional programmer. I will not call them now, it is irrelevant is not so long ago it was. Besides my creations much success had since (I now understand clearly) have been primitive, boring gameplay. As I said above, the development of the gameplay, that is what actually needs to be done in the game, it is a great art, it requires a talent, and it's rarely people can. An example of this is that even though the gaming market and littered with toys, but to name and count the true masterpieces can on one hand. So, once I sworn never to engage in games, but then wanted to expand it when my site about the Mafia grew when united around him the real Mafia enthusiasts, when almost all the secrets have already been found, when we became a small world of native Lost Haven and try something new, this is a natural desire. However, I did not just make a fashion, in fact, even this desire I was not there, I was even on the old site then wrote that I'll never do mods. But never say never - old wisdom. First, I put some new machines, more than at the request of his son. Young people generally likes the show-off, new modern machines, powerful new weapons, etc. I did it all not happy, because lost a very valuable property of the Mafia - the atmosphere 30 years of the last century. And the so-called new weapons for Mafia I only look, but did not alter its effect, ie, "new weapons" these crafts can be called very conditional. Primitive, in a word. There was nothing that could be of interest not only a programmer, but simply an adult. At the forum on his page with the secrets I was introduced to WG (I will not call it a real name, if he does not want to), so he was a real fan, a fan of the Mafia. And not just a fan, a lot of fans and enthusiast, who excavated the sea of information on modding, made his description editor, began to make scripted fashion, though slightly, but still alter gameplay. Suppose he does not know much about programming, but is not afraid to work and infect everyone, including me, his enthusiasm. The first time I had to take up the script editor (BSV), has been in testing mode with bodyguards and sellers of cars developed by WG. Maude worked, but it contained a bunch of software bugs. It was just a lack of experience of WG, I picked up and corrected the error, and then got so carried away in this business, that just this week made the first version of the Alive mod. That version was normal, so to speak intelligent, machines sellers, which, incidentally, have not changed to the latest version, so well have been written scripts. There were guards who evolved with each version, the latest version of Aleve fashion they can not be found - functions have changed and widened. And in the first version of the mod has been shed on the ambulance, which also did not change until the last sixteenth version of the mod. Of course, there were telephone booths to store and recall Sarah. And away we go!

Scripting mods while there was virtually no, not to mention high-quality modes, the people edited the taxi-pass the rules and native scripts Mafia, for example, adding a health or ammo interest. In general, we developed new machines and painted primitive textures, such as in the snow or in the Russian fashion vogue. Boredom and primitivism! At the time, Alive mod mod was really revolutionary, and today it remains the best scripting mod, which no one has yet managed to get around.

Apart from the fact that I have spent in the league among players Mafia, it was something! In October 2006, all of the sites in the domain Cityline were closed, and my including Cityline since ceased to exist. Today, 19 November 2006, opened a website with an updated engine in the Agave (and now on the host). All the materials have not yet managed to score, because of their sheer volume and lack of free time. But I hope before the end of the month to open all the main sections, so that -

Come on! Our address - www.webgamer.hhos.ru

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