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The weapon of the era

Terrible Tommy

He was called "the Chicago Machine Gun" (or "Chicago typewriter" because of the distinctive sound. Approx. MikeMouse). Ctrelyaya bullets 45 caliber, he gave out 800 rounds per minute. Store at 100 rounds, he could discharge his victim in 8 seconds. So too were those weapons - machine "Tommy" - easy, fast rechargeable, quick. Crack his turn was not rare in the streets of major cities in America of the 1920s, he left behind a sea of blood and riddled body.

Invented by General John T. Thompson and known as the "Gang sabmeshin Thompson," but more often simply as "Tommy", he initially intended to fire trench during the First World War. But the war came to an end faster than a "Tommy", or as it is also called "trench broom", could be adopted for the Allied forces. Despite this, the inventor has ordered 15,000 rifles, hoping to find their sales. But the military did not want to take the "Tommy", the police was abandoned too.

By 1925, the demand for guns increased in the sprawling network of underground dealers and alcohol, among other criminal groups, who divided the spheres of influence. "Tommy" was a "godsend" for gangsters. Having it in the hands of one humble guy could shoot the whole gang out of the car window and sped tselёhonkim. You could not worry about retaliatory shots - those who survived under the first bullet, skashyvali following turn.

With all the brilliant properties of the first test of "Tommy" in the 25th September 1925 he has suffered a curious failure. Spike O'Donnell - quarry - standing in front of the pharmacy on the corner of a crowded neighborhood in West Englewood, Chicago. Hearing someone shouted his name, he wisely fell sideways to the ground, and just in time - machine gun fire pierced the window behind him. O'Donnell, rising unscathed, ran to the pharmacy, where asked any drink or water.

But these misfires can be avoided by learning how to deal with "Tommy". Education was held under the patronage of butleggerov (illicit liquor traders) and Al Capone, enthusiastically took upon himself this mission. Groups murderers, armed with machine guns, controlled the streets of Chicago. Capone coached the guys at private gyms and arranged for them to practice blowing in the raids in the surrounding area of Illinois. In 1929, on Valentine's Day Capone gunmen staged a massacre by removing the seventh mercenary gang rival Bax Morena.

Despite the increasing popularity of "Tommy", his legal sale of all inhibited 1920-1930-ies. By 1939, only two-thirds of the first batch of 15 million, ordered by the inventor, and Thomson Corporation on the verge of bankruptcy has been sold. The stale goods in the amount of 4700 pieces was bought up by a major industrialist from Connecticut Russell Maguire for $ 529,000. But weapons have continued to gather dust in a warehouse.

Only a few weeks after the transaction, when the Nazis occupied Poland, each of the allied armies remembered "Tommy" and fell asleep orders Maguire. The new owner of the corporation quickly became a tycoon. Maguire managed to sell 2 million machines before the end of the Second World War.

Lupara: history and description

Lupara appeared when there were relatively cheap double-barreled shotguns, ie, the first Luparev appear somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. It happened in Sicily, the island, which at all times was the cradle of the Mafia. Luparev - a twin-barrel gun, which is cut off part of the trunk. And, if left long trunk, then Luparev appeared at least some accuracy, but greatly reduced killing power. And in the course of such a kind of "evolution" appears familiar to us weapons - Luparev, barrel length at not exceeding 30 cm Destructive power of such Luparev was truly enormous: One shot deprive the enemy of the hand (it just tore) or made in it 10. ti centimeter hole. This huge force generate strong returns; there are cases where Luparev broke his master's shoulder if wrenched wrist. Also disadvantage is that the store is only 2 cartridges that are fired at the same time (though there were two Luparev Kurkov, enables you to shoot one patron, it still was not a panacea), recharging required a lot of time. The trunk was usually smooth, which, together with the accuracy of a short barrel made almost zero. But despite all these drawbacks with this simple-looking weapon killed a huge number of people, the Mafia and to this day enjoys this small in size, but insanely powerful weapons, which easily can be hidden under the jacket.

And again about tommygun

Captain John Thompson began developing submachine guns in 1916, founded the company Auto-Ordnance. He acquired a patent American John Blish at slow shutter rollback system with friction, which is then used in their designs. The first samples of their submachine guns Thompson he presented in 1919, and series production began in 1921. Those who have a characteristic appearance due to partially ribbed barrel and butt, and easily removable front grip or forearm, Tommy Ghana became one of the symbols of the era of "Prohibition" in the United States (1920s). Tommy Ghana used as a gangster (John Dillinzher, "baby face" Nelson et al.) And the police. In addition, "Thompsons" were widely used during the Second World War by both the Americans and the British. A number of "Thompson" was even delivered to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program. Technically, PP Thompson is a weapon, built by the scheme with a slowing of free blow rollback. Deceleration is performed by rubbing the metal delays interacting with an inclined bevel in the receiver. Reloading handle is on the top cover of the receiver. Sight - Toggle entirely. Modes of fire - single and bursts. PP can be used with stores of different sizes, but the weight of a full 100-cartridge magazine was about 4 kg, which, together with its complexity and high cost, it excluded military applications. All PP Thompson were of high quality workmanship and good reliability. However, the large slope of the trajectory of the bullet cartridge .45 ACP, combined with a high mass and a significant cost of production limited the military use Tommy Ganov.

Thanks to Hollywood's rare to meet someone who had seen never "Thompson". This PP was the star of "gangster" movies.

Major modifications Thompson:
- M1921 - the first production model. It has a vertical front handle fire control, partially ribbed barrel, high rate of fire;
- M1923 - commercially unsuccessful attempt to increase the effective range of fire due to a new, more powerful cartridge (.45 Remington-Thompson);
- M1927 - M1921 semi-automatic version, the barrel is equipped with a muzzle brake-compensator;
- M1928 - also known as "Navy model" (Naval model), has two fire modes, ribbed barrel with muzzle compensator, a reduced rate of fire, was issued as the vertical front grip, and with a wooden horizontal forearm;
- M1 - simplified version of the M1928 model, designed to reduce the cost of production in wartime, was released in 1943, he had automatic with a free gate, charging handle on the right side of the receiver, wooden foregrip, barrel without fins and the compensator, used only with box magazine , a simplified version of the M1A1 had unregulated diopter sight instead of tumbler.

Variants with M1921 M1928 manufactured by Colt company, M1 and M1A1 - the company Auto-Ordnance and Savage. Currently the company produces the Auto-Ordnance Thompson semi-automatic versions of PP with elongated to 406 mm barrels for the civilian US market.

"Tommy," can be found still in service with police and guerrilla formirovary in all parts of the world. He is now a weapon izlyublennvm IRA militants. And up to 80 years of the twentieth century. M-1928 can be found in the American police arsenals.

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