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The project - Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven (Extended Version)

Over the past after the game Mafia nine years was released a lot of fan mods for it. Some mods more playable, some less, some interesting, some are not, it is a subject for endless debate among the fans of the game. In fact, these disputes are often meaningless, since gaming preferences of each individual player, and cater for all tastes impossible. But! Surely no one would argue that the strength of emotional impact, none of the mods created not quite live up to the original game! I know that many players even cried when at the end of the history of Thomas killed. So strong was their identification with the protagonist of this sad but instructive story. Even today, despite the outdated graphics, the game leaves a strong impression. Until now, the Mafia army of fans is growing every day, it recruits join, just to discover the world of the Mafia.

What we so attracted to this game? I have tried to find the answer to this question in his article: unprecedented freedom to the player in the games and no doubt brilliant plot, built on the canonical laws of the genre. It's hard to come up with a fascinating plot, the same interesting story, which we presented the first Mafia. I think that in this lies the reason for the failure of the plurality of fan mods to the Mafia, as well as the almost complete failure of Mafia 2. The conclusion is simple:

Better Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven can only be a Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven enhanced version.

Mafia does not need to remodel, do not try to tell a new story! We need to improve and complement the story told in the classic, a cult game Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven. You can add a player of freedom, can be branched storyline in key locations, such as in the case of the death of one of the characters, you can tell the same story from the person of another character, you can add side missions, etc, etc.

How do you practice? I have already said that one of the most important aspects of the game, so exciting for the player, the player is granted freedom of action. It is clear that to make the game even more fun, freedom needs to be increased, giving the player more and more opportunities and not to take them, as did the developers of Mafia 2! Let's think and remember what restrictions on the freedom we have in the game Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven. What irritates you from the beginning to the end of the game? There were such moments? For example...
1) Roadblocks covering city areas in some missions.
2) Not all cars from traffic until Tommy learns to pick locks. But what about the robbery ?!
3) Tommy can earn and spend money! Wallet just off!
4) Inability to buy weapons in the city.
5) Transparent wall at the exit of the bar to perform missions.
And even more ... Let's reminisce together!

By the way, from all the above can be quite easy to get rid of! Take the city of free-riding, open garage Salieri bar and a bar himself. We obtain a template for filling characters - actually a living city, with traffic police, gangsters, etc. Duplicate this template several times as much as the mission "fits" on the template. And then we do the export of all the characters from the mission and the import into the newly created template. Voila! Almost any novice modder is able to do.

One need only consider that the templates will take several, for day and night of the city, day and night suburbia, but all these tasks can be solved, they only require time. Some missions do not require rework. Anyway, now I have no idea how to alter them, and whether it is necessary. For example, a mission on the boat, or in prison. Of course, if you think carefully, it is possible and with them come up with something. At least add a third-party assignments.

So, how convenient the proposed draft terms of modders:
1) does not require high skills;
2) do not need to make new locations and models, nothing particularly difficult;
3) do not need new editors and programs, except for existing;
4) The project is well parallelized, above it can be operated simultaneously for 10-15 people (of course, if you typed so much interested), everyone can do their mission.

What makes the project from the perspective of the player ...
1) Always open almost the entire city.
2) Tom will have money + the possibility of earning and spending.
3) For example, sometimes earning a taxi driver.
4) City traffic expanded by the addition of machine models.
5) So, Tommy can get steep wheelbarrow before him teach pick locks.
6) Also added cops (in some missions, they are not) and gangsters (pedestrian and non-motorized), it will complicate the game and is likely to make it more interesting.
7) Tommy will be able to buy weapons from the Yellow Pete, because heavy weapons he, in any way, may be obtained from the cops, so why not buy?
8) It is possible to add additional jobs to make money.
9) There will also be hiring thugs bodyguards for a fun-filled passing game missions.
10) When you import a character, you can replace them with models to high-resolution models, they are already in the game.
A lot of what you can come up with! Let's think together!

As a result, we get the same game, which will be much more fun place!

And finally, one of the most important things! Yes, it is a modification of the game, but does not change the plot of the game, but complement it. Thus, this modification can reconcile two irreconcilable camps Mafia game fans - those who love a variety of mods, and those who hate any modification of the game, believing that a game like Mafia, mods only spoil. In my opinion, this is important!

Here's an idea for a new project!
Talk, Your comments and suggestions write to the forum.

Let the Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven (Extended version) !!!

Author MikeMouse
Posted: July 12, 2011.

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