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Music in «MAFIA» game

The "Mafia" music - one of the tools by which the developers have managed to recreate the atmosphere of the metropolis of the 30s, this music That people lived at that time in a young America free. Our hearing is given a bunch of different styles here and jazz, and blues, and swing player is given the opportunity to enjoy the great creations of well-known musicians like Django Reinhardt (Django Reinhardt) with his quintet «The Hot Club de France», Brothers Mills (Mills Brothers ), Alfonso "Lonnie" Johnson (Lonnie Johnson), Louis Jordan and His Glorious Five (Louis Jordan and His Tympany five), a gypsy ensemble «Latcho Drom». These and other equally well-known bands of the era gave the game the glare that hits from the first scene.

Django Reinhardt

Jean Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt - one of the first great jazz musicians in Europe. This man came from the Roma family and was one of the few who has not dropped to theft and begging, and became a man with a capital letter. Surprisingly, Jango never knew musical notation, which, however, did not prevent him to do great things. In 1934, Reinhardt around a circle of like-minded people who were a part of his first quintet «The Quintet Hot Club de France».

The "Mafia" there are traces of its composition:
1. "Minor Swing" - Melody playing in New Arce (New Ark).
2. "Coucou" - The song that takes the band on the ship in the mission of "Happy Birthday."
3. "Vendredi" - melody, which plays in the business district (Down Town).
4. "Belleville" - Melody, playing in the Central Island (Central Island).
5. "Lentement Mademoiselle" - one of the songs that accompany us in the countryside.
6. "Douce Ambience" - Another melody countryside.
7. "Manoir des Mes Reves" - Melody playing in Hoboken (Hoboken).
8. "Cavalerie" - Melody playing in Little Italy (Little Italy) and in the greater working-class quarter (Works Quarter).
9. "Coquette" - tunes of the music coming from the radio, standing on the bar Luigi in the mission "cream of society", as well as listen to it on the radio guards at the port on the second floor of a building.
10. "Echoes of France" - Melody playing in Oakwood (Oakwood).

Mills Brothers

For over 75 years The Mills Brothers delight their true fans. Their composition is very recent change. Currently director of the ensemble is John Mills (John Mills). The only one who remained from the original line-up - Donald Mills (Donald Mills), is John Mills's father, with whom he started to speak, but soon, due to illness, Donald had to leave his career and then John teamed up with Elmer Hopper (Elmer Hopper) to which they are to this day are becoming more and more fans. Developers MAFIA game attracted such creation of this ensemble like "You Rascal You", "Chinatown", "Tiger Rag", "Out For No Good", "Moanin For You", "Caravan".

Developers "Mafia" game attracted some of their composition:
1. "Chinatown" - Melody playing in China Town.
2. "Tiger Rag" - This melody is heard from Morello bar in the mission "cocktail party".
3. "Out For No Good" - this melody played on a gramophone Salieri in the mission "re-election".
4. "Caravan" - Melody playing in Oukhille (Oakhill).

Louis Prima

During his life, Lewis tried many professions, and managed to get a trumpeter and a singer and composer, becoming the leader of the orchestra, and even become a popular film actor. Gradually she enjoys playing the trumpet, but her parents insisted on violin playing which Lewis studied for 7 years. In 1935 he creates his first group «New Orelean Gang», which recorded more than 70 songs. Prima died in 1978, but also in our time are grateful listeners of his wonderful music, one of these students and was the team «MAFIA» game developers. They have given us to enjoy such as the works of Lewis Prima "Long About Midnight", "Sing It Way Down Low", "I`m Living in a Great Big Way", "I`m Not Rough".

Warning "Mafia" attracted developers following his creations:
1. "I`m Living in a Great Big Way" - One of the tunes, playing in the countryside.
2. "I`m Not Rough" - Listen to this melody can include gramophone in Salieri's bar in the mission "It's time to get used."

Alfonso «Lonnie» Johnson

It is a well-known guitarist, its styles - blues and jazz. First, Johnson appears in small cafes in New Orleans, and then goes to speak to Europe, coming from learns about the loss of almost all of the family, who died during a flu epidemic. After moving with his brother in New Orleans continues to speak and soon wins music competition contract with a recording studio. He writes a lot of records. Music «Lonnie» did not leave until his death, which happened in 1970. The "Mafia", we can enjoy two of his famous songs, is - "The Mooche" and "Jet Black Blues".

These his compositions we can hear in the game:
1. "The Mooche" - Melody, playing in the port area in the working-class neighborhoods (Works Quarter).
2. "Jet Black Blues" - This is another of the tracks the countryside.

Louis Jordan and His Glorious Five

No wonder that Lewis Johnson reached for the music, because he was born in the family of the leader of a jazz band. In the 20 years he leaves begin a musical career. Soon after the sudden death of one of the members of the orchestra, Jordan decided to build their team, which is rapidly gaining popularity and love. After some time, it becomes the leader of «Tympany five», as part of which in his time played many well-known performers - pianists Bill Davies (Bill Davis) and Bill Doggett (Bill Doggett), guitarist Carl Hogan (Carl Hogan) and Bill Jennings (Bill Jennings) bassist Dallas Bartley (Dallas Bartley), drummer Chris Columbus (Chris Columbus). On one of their songs, and was chosen "mafia" of developers. The song "You Run Your Mouth and I`ll Run My Business", which accompanies us in the pursuit of the mission "Age Transaction".

Lordz of Brooklyn

These guys started their activities long after the others - in the 70-80-ies, when the current group leader Mike "Mr.Kaves" Maclear (Mike McLeer), because of their addiction to Graffiti, had trouble with the law, with the result that I decided to completely dedicate himself to music. Assemble a team (which included his brother Adam "ADM" McLean), he set to work ... Group operates to this day. The final song «Lake of fire», sounding in the credits of the game "Mafia" belongs to them.

Here is their website. Where you can find several remixes of the song "Lake of Fire" (!).

Latcho Drom

The group formed in 1993 by guitarist-gypsy Lartile Christophe (Christophe Lartilleux), one of the inspired work of Django Reinhardt. During his lifetime, the group has gone through many ups and downs, and as a result came to light two drives, the second of which is called «La Verdine», the same song, and entered in the list of songs "Mafia" game was under it we escape from the thugs in the first mission "Running man" and it was under her accompany Sergio Morello in port.

The rest of the music for the game was recorded forty-five members of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra at the National Theatre Studio in Prague, Czech Republic. Composer and arranger Vladimir Simunek (Vladimir Simunek). Orchestra led by Adam Klemens (Adam Klemens).

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