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If you like the Alive mod and this site...

...and you want to help this project and support this site, then you can do so in several means:

Help with translating from English and into English.

We need people with a good command of the English language.

Help with promoting the site.

To do so, just tell your frends and anyone interested about this site. Give a link to this site on the forums you visit. Those Mafia fans who have their own site could place a link or even a banner there.

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Providing interesting stuff on Mafia.

Send us your screenshots, interesting stories on Mafia and the Alive (or Alive Bars) mod, your thoughts on matters regarding Mafia, or other interesting subjects. Please, send materials to a special form of communication or write in guestbook, making sure that you include something along the lines of "Alive mod for Mafia" in the subject. Of course, you shall get credit for anything sent!

Informing about errors.

If you find errors, bugs or corrupted files, please inform me! There is a lot of information on this site and it would be impossible for me to verify everytning without your help.

Helping with money.

Because of the site using a commercial CMS and having to pay for hosting, it is fairly difficult ot support it on my own. Although, I do so, because of all the fans of Mafia and the Alive mod. If you like the Alive mod and this site, you can support them by donating money for hosting purposes (Web Money, details you can see at the page bottom). I would really appreciate this! Besides, this would show, that this project is of interest for other people and there is sense in developing it further!

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In order to get discounts on hosting fees, there has to be a sponsor ad on the bottom of every page. When you click on these links, you support Webgamer.hhos.ru (Mafia-Forever.ru) as well!

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Alive Mod Evolution (version 18.0) was released for public!