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Because there are 4 basic modes, day and night, city and country this user documentation is divided into four sections:

City - Daytime: Alien Alchemist, Alien Super Powers, Black Metal 4WD Gun Turret, Body Guards, Car Dealers, Car Yards, Dirty Street Racing, Face Cave, Flying Car, Gangs, Golem, Hail Gangster Bodyguards, Hidden Cars, In-game Map, Jumping Car, Micro Cars, Mode Switching, Phone Booths, Port Mission, Priest, Repair Trucks, Salieri's Gun Shop & Garage, Sightseeing Excursion Taxi, Super Weapons, Super Ramps, Taxi Rides, Terrorist, VIP's.

Countryside - Day: Alien Super Powers, Flying Car, Gangs, Hidden Cars, Jumping Car, Landmines, Mode Switching, Priests, Sarah & body guards, Shooting Range, Super Weapons.

City - Night: Alien Super Powers, Body Guard, Dolly Man, Doppelganger, Flying Car, Golem, Jumping Car, Mode Switching, Rescue Mission, Salieri's Bar & Restaurant, Salieri's Garage, Snipers, Super Weapons, Taxi Rides, Vincenzo's Gun Shop.

Countryside - Night: Alien Super Powers, Buried Treasure, Enemies, Flying Car, Jumping Car, Mode Switching, Robbers.

The ALIVE mod - City Daytime mode (in alphabetical order)
Alien Alchemist

You will see the alien alchemist beneath the UFO, he is drunk and slumped. There are drinks (bottles and glasses) on top of the space ship. When you move Tommy over to the drinks and right click, he will pick up a wine glass and drink an alien potion.

Each time you drink one of the alien potions you are deducted $25,000 from your total amount of money. An animation will show the money dancing around below the UFO.

After drinking a potion, (approximately 30 seconds later), Tommy will get a stomach ache and fall to the ground. He'll complain by saying 'ahhh shit!' and the drunken effects of the potion will begin shortly... the screen will begin to sway and zoom back and forth, left to right exactly like when Tommy gets drunk in the paddle boat mission.

One potion will make Tommy experience the drunken effect for one minute, if he drinks two potions then he will be drunk for two minutes, and so on... so the more potions he buys and drinks, the longer the intoxication will last.

Furthermore one drink will give Tommy the ability to 'turn on' the alien super powers 5 times. The effects are cumulative which means that if you drink two potions you will be able to turn on the alien super powers 10 times, if you drink three potions you can turn them on 15 times and so on. In essence this means that one turn really only costs $5000, but you purchase them in packs of five.

IMPORTANT! To be able to use the 'alien super powers' you must assign another (Secondary) key for the 'Walk/Run' toggle function in Options/Controls.

To activate the super powers press the key that you have chosen for this function, as soon as you do so the word 'faster' will be displayed on the screen. To deactivate (switch off) the alien super powers press the key again.

HINT: to find out where the alien alchemist is located simply select the text below

The alien alchemist is located in the Works Quarter. You will find him in the same location as the start point to the Freeride Extreme mission in which you must follow the UFO (evil enemy) to the lighthouse.

Alien Super Powers

Note: There is one drawback using the alien potions, Tommy cannot use the super powers if his health drops below 30%, if this happens he will not be able to switch his powers back on.

Saving your game, will also save the number of 'turn ons' (alien super powers) you have purchased so that the next time you play, you will still have them.

Once you have activated the alien super powers, Tommy is given three new abilities, they are as follows:

Super Speed

Tommy is able to run as fast as Speedy Gonzales (from Freeride Extreme). Point of fact, Tommy becomes 600% faster, which is approximately a little over 100 kilometres per hour. However he doesn't need to build up speed, he can take off at this super speed instantly. Tommy is also not burdened with the weight restrictions of a car (manoeuvrability, cornering, handling etc.) Tommy can stop instantly and turn 'any' corner at full speed. He is also able to squeeze in between poles and other objects, something that a car chasing him cannot accomplish, and lastly if you run toward a cliff or the water and then suddenly stop at the ledge, your would be pursuers won't be able to slow down in time (as quickly) and they will continue over the edge, falling to their doom.

Tommy's legs will also be tailing a flame trail behind them (Exactly like Speedy Gonzales). As he runs a streak of fire follows.

The benefits of this super speed are; dodging bullets, out running police/gangsters cars, and avoiding enemies takes very little effort. (Simply good hand/eye coordination.)

Super Constitution

Tommy is super charged with super health. An extra 99% is added to his total, so that he has 199 health.

Super Leaping

Tommy is able to jump much further than before. (Both longer and higher for example over a split bridge) In addition Tommy can now scale buildings using a special technique.

There are buildings all throughout the city of Lost Heaven which have a set of steps beneath their front door. If you run straight at these steps Tommy will run straight up the wall and eventually get to the top of the building. Some buildings have roofs, some don't. The ones that do can be stood upon, the ones that don't will make Tommy fall to his death (or lose a lot of health when he hits the ground). You can even leap from one rooftop to another, however in order to be able to shoot at civilians, gangsters or cops down below you must carefully ease Tommy over to the edge so that he can shoot, otherwise the bullets will hit an invisible barrier and just ricochet.

Body Guards

The Bodyguards are present in various locations of the city. If you are in close proximity to them and they see that you are under attack by cops, gangsters, gang members or car-jacked civilian drivers, they will come to defend you. This does not require any money, they do this for free.

However! You can "hire" body guards to accompany you for protection. Just like in the 'Visiting Rich People' mission, Tommy can order his help to 'wait here' or 'follow me'.

Hiring and firing of body guards.

When you hire a body guard his or her fee is deducted from your total money. The body guard will then follow you and protect you until either he or she dies or you fire (dismiss) them.

When you right click on a body guard that you have already hired and is in your service, Tommy will say 'wait here'... this is known as 'firing a body guard' because in order for you to use him or her again you will need to 'hire' them again. When you right click on the body guard a second time, Tommy will say 'follow me'... which means that you have re-employed them as your protector once more...

Really there are only two reasons that you may wish to 'fire' your body guard:
1. You wish to do something alone and don't want them to follow you.
2. You wish to position them in a tactical location so that when an enemy comes near them they will attack the enemy and defend you.

The body guard from China town will return to China town if fired. He will not stay in the spot he is sacked.

Note: certain body guards will buy your weapons if you do not have enough money to hire them. For example: Hiring the priest will cost you $20,000 but if you try to hire him when you have less than twenty thousand dollars, he will buy your weapons. The amount of money you make by selling him weapons will be deducted from the amount of money it costs to hire him so that when you have accumulated enough money by selling him enough weapons or by paying off your debt to him, he will have been hired and becomes your body guard.

Furthermore, extra danger has been added to the game in the form of protecting your body guards from police arrest. If a police officer sees a weapon in the hand of your body guard they will try to arrest them. If a cop succeeds in arresting your body guard then you will fail in protecting your henchman and your game will end. The cops will try to arrest the female body guard and the gangster body guard, they will not try to arrest the 'holy' priest body guard (because of his magic) nor will they try to arrest the FBI body guards (due to police corruption).

Typically body guards will try to shoot it out with gang members, and who ever has the most bullets will win. But if you distract a gang member so that he is preoccupied with killing you, a body guard will hijack the gang member from the Lassiter or Silver Fletcher and throw them onto the ground. This will give you enough time to kill your enemy with a shotgun. If you miss lookout!

HINT: to find out where the bodyguards are located simply select the text below...

* Under the Guiliano bridge beside Lucas Bertone's Auto-service.
* Under the West Marshall bridge near the Works Quarter.
* Near the stairs at the east entrance to the East Marshall bridge in Downtown.
* China town square.
* The church in Downtown (see Priest).

Black Metal 4WD Gun Turret

This function is implemented in City-Day mode ONLY.

The gun turret on top of the Black Metal 4WD is now operational. It launches grenades to a distance of approximately 25 - 30 metres which bounce then explode on impact. The turret is able to fire approx. 25 shots per minute so it's a rather speedy and exceptionally destructive weapon.

The grenades can be bounced off walls and other objects to reach targets that are hidden from sight e.g. hiding around a corner... and in addition to this it is possible to drive up to another vehicle and touch it so that when you fire the grenade launcher it will destroy the car in front of you.

You have an unlimited number of grenades.

Attention! In view of the fact that I use version 1.0 of Mafia, the gun turret was developed for that version.

This means that the gun turret will only work in Mafia version 1.0.

If you update your game with a patch (version 1.1 or version 1.2 or version 1.3) the gun turret will not function properly. I don't suppose that I will ever develop the gun turret for different versions of the game because it will take too much of my time to install and test the turret in each version.

As a result if you desire to use the gun turret then you MUST use Mafia version 1.0. However if you don't 'need' to be able to use the gun turret then you can still install and play the Alive mod with every patch of the game. All functions of the Alive mod will work properly except for the gun turret.

In order to use the gun turret you have to use the 'secondary fire button' AND you cannot have any weapons in your hands.

Car Dealers

The city now has 5 'car dealers'. These men are located in various parts of Lost Heaven.

These car dealers will sell you prototype or fancy cars; every single one of the cars that a dealer sells you is bullet proof (see below). When you have purchased a car from a dealer, you can make another car become available from him by driving to the countryside and returning.

The Car Dealers will also buy back the cars from you. In order to be able to sell a car, you must first purchase a car from a car dealer, it is only after you have bought a car from the dealer that you may sell him your car.

The prices of cars vary, they can be between $30,000 and $100,000 but it makes sense to purchase these cars because they are all bullet-proof. However they will lose this property after crossing the city line. (entering and returning from the countryside)

One more thing... if you are attacked by gangsters or cops near the car dealers, the car dealers will defend you and attack your enemies.
HINT: To find out where the car dealers are located simply select the text below...

* The car park to the west entrance of the Terranova bridge (near China town).
* The back of Oakwood church in Oakwood.
* The Fire Service Pumping Station in far west Works Quarter.
* The T-junction near the Shopping Center in Little Italy (not far from Salieri's bar).
* On the east side of central island, by the water, roughly in between the theatre and the leveled Parking station.

Car Yards

The car dealers store their cars in various locations throughout the city. You will be able to see these yards as they are filled with prototype cars.

Note: you cannot steal cars from those yards, they are available for dealers only.

HINT: to find out where the car dealers yards are located simply select the text below...

* China town
* Works Quarter
* Oakwood
* Downtown
* Little Italy
The Little Italy car yard is unique in that it has micro-cars. Smaller versions of the original vehicles. (see MICRO-CARS and VIP's)

Dirty Street Racing

Dirty Street Racing have been branded "dirty" because you can use dirty tricks to outfox your opponents. They will do the same to you!

I chose to implement street racing into City Small mode for obvious reasons. City Small is lighter, thus less demanding than other Freeride modes. This means it should perform faster and smoother for races. Especially since many new objects have been added to the city.

Alive mod street racing is different to Mafia's original concept of racing. You won't be racing around and around a race track. In the Alive mod you race around the city streets! Far more enjoyable, far more entertaining...

To enter City Small or return to City Day-time simply right click on the dark doors of the Lost Heaven Railroad Station in the Works Quarter.

In City Small you will see Don Salieri standing in front of the Railroad Station along with all the racing cars... prototypes and various sports and luxury vehicles.

The Rules:
1) Once you're in City Small mode, watch your compass and follow its bearing to the blue crosses you see on the radar map to find your racing missions.
2) When a race is started you must drive your car along the tram tracks because tramways are now utilized as racing circuits. (the trams have been removed) You CANNOT cut corners! And here's why?
a) A number of alleyways and lanes have been MINED and you will blow up if you try to take a sneaky shortcut.
b) Gangster-Referees have been placed along the tramways and they will be watching you closely. If you breach the rules they will penalize you ;) on the other hand if you don't "play dirty" (breach the rules) then you won't win a race because your opponents WILL breach rules... don't forget that it's a very dirty street race.
c) If you cut TOO many corners then you won't be considered the winner even if you're the first to cross the finish line.
3) You can use dirty tricks against your competitors e.g. shooting them or their cars, dropping grenades in front of them while you're driving (do this by pressing the 'second' Fire button).
Note: you CANNOT drop grenades if your car is moving slower than 60 km/hour or if you have a weapon in your hands... Rest assured your opponents will play the same dirty tricks on you...
4) You are required to place bets on a race. The first race will cost you $50,000 the second race $100,000 and for the third race $150,000. If you win a race you double your bet in earnings. If you lose a race then you lose your money...
5) One body guard has been placed near the hospital. You can hire him to accompany you...

Note: there is one imperfection that could cause the game to crash. Sports cars were not developed for shooting while they are being driving... so if gangster drivers try to shoot from sports cars the game can crash. This is NOT a bug in the Alive mod. It's another limitation of the original game engine, a negative aspect of sports cars. This restraint is also related to any car that has just one driver's door. My only suggestion would be to NOT tease gangsters too much while they are driving sports cars, this will reduce the likelihood of them shooting at you.

Face Cave in Hoboken

You are now able to access the Face Cave in Hoboken during a regular game of Freeride City-Day. You do not need to right click at the door of the Iron Mongers store to gain access to the secret door in the train tunnel (that leads to the Face Cave). The door in the tunnel is transparent and can be walked through.

The easiest method to get access to the tunnel is to use the super leap function to jump up onto the hill beneath the face cave, and then lower yourself down behind the tunnel barrier.

Flying Car

To use the 'flying car' function you need to be driving the prototype, Mutagen FWD. Since it was a reward from the "enemy from outer space", it has alien technology.
When you press the key that you assigned for the 'Jumping Car' function, the Mutagen will take off and fly for one minute approximately 2 to 3 metres above the ground.

The car will safely fly over all traffic, police road blocks, even trams.

However when driven (flown) off the road and onto a different type of terrain, for example a hilly park, the Mutagen manoeuvres in accordance to the landscape. If there is a mound or a rise, it will tilt and pivot the car with the same physics as if it were on the ground, thus making it possible to slide out in mid air.

Note: obstacles such as buildings, telegraph poles, fences etc. are solid and can be crashed into...

In addition, if you come to a complete stop the car will land safely on the ground.

Dual Function - Transparency

The Flying Car is able to perform another technologically advanced operation. Occasionally it will reveal an alternative behaviour... "transparency"... the ability to move through solid objects, (Cars, trams, civilians and traffic signs ONLY!) instead of flying over them.

Transparency occurs randomly, every so often the Mutagen will opt to safely pass through the aforementioned objects instead of over them, but be warned, as with the flying car function the transparency function will only last for one minute.

The Flying Car function is in a class of its own. It is a lot of fun because you are now able to utilise the full area of the roads for sharp turns without worrying about hitting another vehicle... you will be astonished by the speeds you are capable of reaching as there is no traffic to slow you down.

Gangs of Lost Heaven

Three 'gangs' have been added to the city. They are as follows:
* Detective Lassiter Special Investigations gang
* Silver Fletcher Female Gangster gang
* Ordinary Lassiter Small Time Crooks gang

They will attack you in different places when you least expect it. They will ambush you and even chase you in their cars. If they are on foot and you flee from them they will hijack a car to hunt you down and kill you.

You are awarded $50,000 for each gang (four persons per gang) that you eliminate. It may not be the easiest way to earn $50,000 but it is definitely one of the more exciting ways.

Players will need to think up new strategies and methods to eliminate the gangs because they cannot be done away with ordinary weapons.

In addition sometimes when the gangsters are attacking you and a bodyguard or a salesman (car dealer) sees the attack, they will protect you. You are able to sit back and watch the courageous battles that end in out-and-out massacres.


Golem is available in City Day and City Night modes ONLY!

You will find Golem in the park near the entrance to the Central Island tunnel in Little Italy. Golem will appear inanimate at first, however if you stay too close to him for too long he will come to life and begin killing. He will attempt to kill you, your enemies and even your allies.
Golem has no conscience he has one purpose... to kill. His behaviour is also unpredictable, he will surprise you.

If you are clever enough to kill Golem you are rewarded $250,000

Hail Gangster Bodyguards

This function is implemented in City-Day mode ONLY.

Tommy can hail a 'gangster car' (a Black Buick) from the city traffic and hire them to follow him as his bodyguards. The cost of hailing a gangster car is $55,000 and you do it by whistling (default key 'K') when you see one drive past you.

After you have hired a gangster car to follow and protect you, Tommy can also hire two more gangsters (who are on foot) to occupy the two spare seats in the rear of the gangster car (Black Buick). This costs $25,000 and you will find the two gangsters in Hoboken near the entrance to Salieri's warehouse.

Note: the two gangsters will not be by the warehouse if you haven't hired a gangster car.

Tommy can order the driver of the gangster car to 'follow me' him or 'wait here' some where just like ordinary body guards.

So now it is possible to have up to 7 body guards working for you at the same time. 3 in the car you are driving and 4 in the gangster car following behind you.

The behaviour of these body guards is new. They will behave differently from the earlier versions of body guards e.g. they can walk in Oakhill (as you may or may not know... the other bodyguards and enemies cannot walk there). Also, their AI has been re-developed so they are quite possibly the most intelligent individuals in the game.

Hidden Cars

There are three hidden cars in the city; the Tractor, the Bull Dozer and the Monster Truck. If you drive to the country side and return these cars are re-spawned even if they have been destroyed or you are driving them.

HINT: to find out where the hidden cars are located simply select the text below...

* Tractor - Lighthouse
* Bull Dozer - Hoboken construction site (same place you find the car of invisibility)
* Monster Truck - Tram station near countryside exit (West China town)

In-Game Map

SOULTAKER has created an in-game map for the Alive mod that shows the locations of all the phone booths and what their functions are? (e.g. call Sarah, change identity, doghead, dynamite, doggy toy, dragon toy, Molotov cocktail, and save game)

The two locations of the 'Lose all health but 1%' phone booths, are not on the map... this makes their accidental discovery much more amusing.

In addition, other important locations are also marked on the map, for instance; the Sightseeing Excursion Taxi's location, the alien alchemist, the car dealers, the priest and Sarah's ambulance.

SOULTAKER has also created a map legend which explains what each symbol on the map identifies. You will see the map legend when you choose to start a new game of Freeride City - Daytime.

Note: on SOULTAKER's map the Sightseeing Excursion Taxi is called the "Taxi Tour".

Jumping Car

To use the jumping car function you will have to assign a 'Secondary' key for Tommy's 'Jump' function in Options/Controls. The secondary key can work for both Tommy's jumping while he is on foot and the new 'car-jump' function I have created.

The choice is yours if you wish to still use the 'Primary' key for Tommy's jump (on foot).

This jumping car function works with all the cars including "sports" cars.

Hint: use a bullet-proof car. That way you usually survive even the longest and highest jumps.

If you use the jump function as you climb a small hill or a ramp it will be just as effective as Tommy's super leap while under the influence of an alien potion. The jump function can be used to leap over walls and fences. It can even be used to get on top of tall buildings (provided they have a rooftop).

You can also use the car jump function to destroy enemy cars if timed correctly.

The jumping function also hides a benefit. When you use it, your car will be slightly repaired. Flat tyres, broken lights and ruptured fuel tanks will be fixed. This is especially useful in night-mode because you require lights to see, but don't forget that you need tyres to steer, and you need fuel to drive.

Micro Cars

There is a secret location in the city that stores 7 micro-cars. Miniature versions of the original cars.

The Sightseeing Excursion Taxi will stop and reverse toward the wall where they are located.

HINT: to find out where the hidden micro-cars are located simply select the text below...

The secret location is in far west Little Italy. (after Winslet avenue)

Peep over the fence of the huge estate on the road which runs south-east, and you will find them near the trees. The hedge is not solid so you can walk through it to get to the cars. To drive one out simply drive back through the hedge and drop to the ground.

Mode Switching

Leaving the city limits now changes the time of day. But you must do it a certain way. To help you understand this concept I will refer to the three exits as west, north and east.

West = north west Little Italy exit (near the tram station)
North = China Town exit
East = New Ark exit

The "west" exit will only switch modes when you get out of the city.
The "north" exit will only switch modes when you come back into the city.
The "east" exit does NOT switch the modes.

Phone Booths

I have made use of the many phone booths located all around the city by giving them some unique characteristics. The following is a description of what the various phone booths do:

Save Game

Tommy can save the game by right clicking this phone booth. Saving a game at a phone booth costs the same as saving the game at the front door to Salieri's bar $2000.

Change Tommy's Model Skin

By right clicking on this phone booth Tommy's skin will change to that of a different model. This can be used to shake off and lose police from chasing you, but also if you are given the skin of a policeman or the invisible man, the police will not harass you. Changing Tommy's model skin to another will cost you $2000 for each change.

Call Sarah for Help and Healing

If you drive to the hospital in New Ark you will see Sarah standing by an ambulance. In my mod I have made her a nurse (paramedic). When you call her from a phone booth she will drive to Tommy and heal him. Each call to Sarah will cost $300 and you may call as many times as you are able to pay. And then lose all but one Health Point.

While this may seem an unbeneficial attribute, if you drive out of the city into the countryside and return without being killed you will receive a sum of money up to $50,000 in life insurance. (Typically 10, 20, 30 40 or 50 thousand dollars) The amount is generated randomly and the trick is to drive to the countryside without being injured, remember one car accident and Tommy will die.

Port Mission

A whole new 'Port' mission has been created (replaces 'You Lucky Bastard - The Harbour' 15-08). The object of the mission is to eliminate Don Morello and all his henchmen. If you succeed you are rewarded with $1000000 (a million dollars).

Note: you do not need to start mission 15-08 in order to get into the port. You can now enter the port and leave it from City-Daytime Freeride mode.

This mission is very different from the original Port mission. Of course you will still find several snipers hidden throughout the many buildings and warehouses... however, your cache of weaponry and ammunition is substantially limited, so that you must be very efficient in its usage to successfully complete this mission. It will also come in handy if you are already a specialist with the Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle. You will find the 4 Health boxes from the original mission in this mission also.


A new device called a 'Teleporter' makes its debut in the new Port mission. It appears as a smoke funnel (identical to the red smoke funnels encountered in the FRE mission in which you must race around the city in the Flamespear following the funnels as they appear).

When you enter a 'teleporter' you are magically teleported to another teleporter. There you have a choice. You can either exit the teleporter by moving out of the red smoke, OR if you wish you can remain inside the red smoke and get teleported onwards to another teleporter. There are 12 teleporter's at the Port and entering one randomly teleports you to another.

Teleportation isn't limited to the horizontal plane, you can also be teleported vertically onto objects, for example: the large red cranes beside the moored ship.

Micro-Black Metal 4WD

Hidden somewhere in the Port is the micro-Black Metal 4WD. In essence this is a micro-car, only with the Black Metal 4WD physics.


The priest can be hired as a body guard. Hiring him costs $20,000, his fee is more expensive than the other body guards because he has been blessed with super-speed identical to the super-speed you gain from drinking an alien potion.

HINT: to find out where the priest is located simply select the text below...

The priest is located at the church in Downtown.

Repair Trucks

There are three trucks with ramps in the city. When you drive a car up onto the ramp and wait for three to five seconds, the car will not only have been repaired but it will also now be bullet-proof.

HINT: to find out where the repair trucks are located simply select the text below...

The three tucks are in the same places as the Freeride Extreme mission in which you must exchange racing cars on trucks.

* Old prison car park on Central island
* Under the West Marshall bridge in between the Works Quarter and Little Italy
* Near the winding road in Hoboken that leads to Oak Hill

Salieri's Gun Shop and Garage

In view of the fact that we cannot access Yellow Pete's Gun Shop in City-Day mode, I have added a new gun shop. You will find it inside Salieri's garage. You can buy weapons by right clicking near them. They will disappear as you do so.

Salieri's garage is now open both Day and Night! You can park your cars there in any mode of the game and they will always be available, refueled and repaired.

Sightseeing Excursion Taxi

If you cannot find all the secrets I offer in the alive mod then you can take a Sightseeing Excursion (taxi ride) which will drive you past the new things I have added.

Simply hail the 'Sightseeing Excursion Taxi', and when it pulls over to you, hop in and the driver will take you for a half hour tour all around the city. To hail the taxi you must be standing on the sidewalk approximately 20 feet away... then whistle (default key 'K')

You can even take bodyguards with you in case you feel the need to attack cops and gangsters.

If the taxi should stop and not go any further due to a serious car accident, simply drive to the countryside and then return to the taxi stand and it will be there waiting for you.

The taxi tour is free and costs nothing. The Municipal building car park on Central island.

Super Ramps

You will find the ramps from Freeride Extreme in City-Day mode.

However two of the ramps have been endowed with enhanced capabilities. This means that by driving onto them your vehicle will be shot through the air at high speed like a rocket. Your car will fly ahead and over the traffic below, in an arc, but you will land safely. Your car will also be repaired the moment you leave the ramp.

* The big ramp in Downtown (between the Federal Trade Commission and the Hotel Corleone)
* The ramp on the Terranova bridge near the hospital

SUPER WEAPONS (Super Weapons in the City-Day)

To help you understand the concept behind 'super weapons', do not think of them as 'normal' weapons. Rocket launchers, grenade launchers, flame throwers, laser guns etc. These are not super weapons, they are simply additional weaponry for Tommy. Tommy must control them, he must aim and shoot them.

Super weapons do not require any human control. They are 'self-controlled', 'intelligent' weapons. All a player needs to do is to set them in tactical locations, and they will do the rest.

Minor limitation - if you save a game and leave a super weapon in a specific location, the next time you play the save game, the weapon will not function properly. This is a restriction of the game engine, but you can overcome this problem very simply, just travel to the countryside and return to the city. Doing this resets all the super weapons. They will all become available at phone booths once again.

Important! The 'Secondary' key cannot be assigned to 'use' the Super Weapons (place them onto the ground), in order for you to be able to use the Super Weapons you will need to use the Primary key.

Super Molotov Cocktail

The super Molotov cocktail is obtained from phone booths. (It is free, costing you no money) As with all super weapons the super Molotov cocktail should be put into a strategic and tactical spot. You put the Molotov cocktail down the same way you do the other new super weapons, with a right click. An animation will play showing Tommy placing the Molotov cocktail onto the ground. The ideal location to position this weapon is in the path of cars (on the road) because when a car drives over it, it will catch on fire, drive a bit further and explode.

Note: Only one car can be on fire at a time so until it has exploded other cars can drive over the Molotov cocktail without catching alight. However once the car that is on fire has exploded the next car to drive over the Molotov cocktail will catch on fire and the process will begin again. The number of cars that can be ignited is randomly determined. It can be between 3 and 10 cars. For each car that catches on fire you are rewarded with $1,000 this means you can earn up to $10,000 with just one Super Molotov Cocktail.

Dual Functionality

The Super Molotov cocktail can also be thrown as in the original game.

The number of cars that can be ignited is randomly determined. It can be between 3 and 10 cars. For each car that catches on fire you are rewarded with $1,000 this means you can earn up to $10,000 with just one Super Molotov Cocktail.

Super Dynamite Bomb

The Super Dynamite Bomb (which is free and costs no money) is also collected from phone booths and just like the other super weapons is placed onto the ground with a right click. An animation will play showing Tommy placing the super dynamite bomb onto the ground.

There are two types of super dynamite bomb. The first will display a timer animation in the top right corner of the screen. You have 30 seconds to get away... it is sensible to get back (a long way away) from this explosion as it is absolutely gigantic!

The second is a remote control, which means that a right click will activate the bomb.

Sometimes you will be given a timer animation which shows you how long you have left, sometimes you don't get the timer but instead the remote control option.

Either way when the dynamite explodes it will blow up all the cars in it's immediate vicinity but after the BIG explosion many more cars engines will be smoking near by and they too (like a chain reaction) will blow up.

One more thing, the cars will be thrown high up into the air from the explosion, some are tossed a couple of blocks, some can be hurled across the river.

For using the super dynamite bomb you are rewarded an amount of money (up to $5000) that is determined by the number of cars you blew up, it is then added to your total.

After the fires have gone out you are able to get another super dynamite bomb from a phone booth, even if the booth is destroyed.

Dog Head

Collected from phone booths. (They are free and cost nothing) You place dogheads onto the ground with a right click. An animation will play showing Tommy placing the doghead onto the ground. These weapons should be positioned in a 'strategic' and 'tactical' location because they can be used again and again...

Once the doghead has been positioned, if you choose to remain on foot, it makes sense to get Tommy some protective covering e.g. behind a car, hiding next to a wall etc. this is so that he is safe from enemy gun fire.

Shooting at an enemy car or an enemy on foot will draw them toward you. And when they drive or run toward the doghead they will catch on fire. The screams and whimpers of the burning victims are hilarious and as they get to the doghead and ignite you will hear Tommy say a 'magical' phrase: 'The Lord awaits his flock with open arms...'

The doghead can be used many times, not just once, but please note: even though the majority of enemy victims will catch on fire and die, sometimes they might continue to attack you even if they are on fire and their skin is now the skin of the burned model. You will need to shoot these guys dead as they are now zombie undead... Hehe...

This weapon is a lot of fun and I tried to make it appear like a Voodoo black magic spell.

After a cop, gangster or gang member is burned and dies, they fall to the ground and explode then disappear. For a second you will see the dogs head in their place and you will hear a dog bark, then all of a sudden after the explosion the ground will be littered with money (bank notes) and they sprinkle around and dance until they disappear...

Each dog head can devour up to 30 enemies. The number of enemies that will be destroyed is random. For each person destroyed by fire you receive $2000 which is added to your total, so potentially you could make up to $60,000 with just one dog head.

If you walk away from the dog head (approximately 100 metres) Tommy will say 'I made a mistake somewhere', and the doghead will catch on fire and vanish. After the fire has extinguished you will be able to obtain another doghead from a phone booth.

Dual Functionality

The Dog head will transform cops and secret agents into dogs.

Dragon Toy

Is collected from phone booths. (They are free and cost you no money) You place them onto the ground with a right click. An animation will play showing Tommy placing the dragon toy onto the ground. These weapons should be positioned in a 'strategic' and 'tactical' location because they can be used again and again...

The Dragon Toy looks like a child's toy. (the green sea monster) When it is placed onto the ground it will behave in either one of two ways chosen at random.

The first behaviour will shrink and frighten your enemy. The attacker will literally reduce in size to the dimensions of a child's doll, they will panic and run for their life. Shortly after that they will return to their normal size and cower over.

Note: Even if they were gang members previously, after they have been frightened they can be killed with just one shot, plus they won't fight back.

The second behaviour will transform the Dragon Toy into a miniature version of Paulie.

Little Paulie will attack your enemy for 8 seconds. He will use his tiny little Tommy gun to do so. Don't be fooled by the size of Paulie's gun. The bullets are even more deadly than your own!

The Dragon Toy will not disappear if you walk (a long distance) away from it. Once it is set, it will remain where you left it for up to 25 charges.

Doggie Toy

Is collected from phone booths. (They are free and cost you no money) You place them onto the ground with a right click. An animation will play showing Tommy placing the doggie toy onto the ground. These weapons should be positioned in a 'strategic' and 'tactical' location because they can be used again and again...

The Doggie Toy looks like a child's toy. (a small dog) Ordinary looking and harmless, it hides an unearthly surprise. When you tactically position this weapon on the ground the "evil enemy from outer space" will wait high up above it in the sky.

The UFO (spaceship) will freeze your enemy and beam them up into the space craft with their antigravity beam for the purpose of experimentation.

The Doggie Toy will not disappear if you walk (a long distance) away from it. Once it is set, it will remain where you left it for up to 25 charges.

Dual Functionality

The Doggy Toy's second function is to pick enemy cars up into the air (approximately 15 metres) with an antigravity beam and then throw them back down onto the ground again, making them blow up.

If a cop, gangster, or gang member enters the Doggy Toy's perimeters while still in their vehicle, the car gets elevated and hurled.

Note: this will kill an entire gang instantly! There's no quicker way to make $50,000 and if you lure all three gangs to your trap you'll be $150,000 richer in no time at all...

Note: The Doggie Toy used in conjunction with the Doghead can produce spectacular results. The enemy will catch on fire and be drawn up into the space ship as they are burning!


Are collected from phone booths. (They are free and cost you no money) You place them onto the ground with a right click. An animation will play showing Tommy placing the landmine onto the ground. These weapons should be positioned in a 'strategic' and 'tactical' location because they can be used again and again...

The landmines are marked either (Made in USA) yellowish green or (Made in RUSSIA) orange. They resemble Frisbee's with antennae.

There are 5 mines in a pack. Yellowish green mines have 10 charges each. Orange mines have three charges each however they do more damage than their US counterparts.

As with all super weapons you place them into a strategic location. If you place all 5 of the yellowish green mines in the same location you will create a blast approximately twice as powerful as a super dynamite bomb. If you place all 5 of the orange mines in the same location you will create a blast approximately five times more powerful than a super dynamite bomb.

Note: Placing 10 landmines (5 Russian and 5 American) in the same spot will produce a blast radius 7 times more powerful than a super dynamite bomb.

You can also place them down individually positioning them in various locations. To use them simply draw an enemy toward the landmine(s) location OR shoot an enemy OR an enemy car as they move near or over the set landmine(s).

Taxi Rides

This function is implemented in both City-Day and City-Night modes. You can hail a taxi by whistling (default key = K) from a sidewalk or when standing on a road near the traffic as a taxi drives by.

There are 5 taxi destinations. To choose a location hold down the in-game map (default key = Tab) and then point to one of the blue crosses on the map. The blue crosses are the available destinations.

Taxi rides are not free! They will cost you money. The longer the drive the more money it will cost you. If you don't have enough money for the requested journey the driver will not drive you to where you wish to go.

The best method of hailing a taxi is to choose a destination "first" (mark a destination point on the map) and then hail the taxi...

While the Terrorist has not manifested the compass will serve two purposes:
1. The first is to mark the taxi destinations.
2. The second is to mark the terrorist's location.

When the terrorist appears he is represented by a blue cross and the taxi destination crosses will disappear. And when the warning time for the terrorist ends all blue crosses will disappear from the map, however the taxi crosses remain active.

Note: you cannot hire taxis that don't move, in other words taxis that are parked or stopped.


The terrorist is randomly positioned somewhere in the city. Sometime, somewhere during game play the terrorist will spawn and wait. You'll hear Salieri's voice say 'Kill that bastard Tom' and then the compass will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Use the compass to find the terrorist. It will lead you to him. The compass will remain on the screen for 4 minutes, after that it will disappear. If you have not yet found the terrorist in that time then you will have to be very careful because the terrorist will be wandering the streets like an ordinary pedestrian. And if you happen to walk or drive into the area where he is lurking, he will run toward you and blow himself up.

You can use the in-game map to locate him. His location will appear as a blue cross on the map. (default key - Tab) The terrorist will also appear on the car radar as a red cross. You can use both the in-game map and the car radar to locate his whereabouts for the duration the compass is in the left corner of the screen (4 minutes). Once the compass disappears you will no longer see his location either on the in-game map or using the car radar.

The terrorist is disguised as a normal civilian so he's hard to spot in a crowd of people. Sometime's you will recognize the terrorist because he's holding dynamite, other times he will have his explosives concealed on him so he will look like an ordinary civilian and he won't pull out his bomb until the final moment before he gets next to you.

Note: Your bodyguards can kill the terrorist if they see him, but if they don't know he's a threat and carrying a weapon then they won't attack him. In other words if the terrorist runs toward you and the bodyguards don't see the dynamite (bomb) in his hand they will not shoot at him. Nevertheless when the terrorist pulls out the dynamite just before he detonates it, the bodyguards will realize that he is an enemy but by then it will be too late for them to react and kill him.

The model of the terrorist will change to that of a different model at random intervals. It could happen sooner or it could happen later? This means that for some players the model "may" change more often than for others, either way the entertaining result from this is that players may not be able to agree on what model the terrorist really is, as the model he is in your game may be totally different from somebody else's game. Is he a man or a woman? How is he or she dressed?

The blast from the terrorist's bomb does the same damage as the blast of a super dynamite bomb which means if he manages to commit suicide beside you, you will die.

And finally you are rewarded with $15,000 for every terrorist you kill.

If you successfully kill the terrorist he may reappear again sometime during game play. This is decided randomly. And if you drive to the countryside then return, you reset the terrorist. He may appear anywhere at any time.

VIP's - Very Impressive Particles

You can boost the size of particles in the game using a special technique. Particles are such things as smoke, explosions, fire hydrant water, gun shots etc.

Important! If you make it possible for VIP's to occur, you will NOT be able to switch them back off again during game play. The ONLY way to switch them off is to stop playing Mafia and exit back to your desktop, then restart the game again. The VIP's are a new undocumented function discovered by me. This means that nobody, not even I can guarantee it will perform properly or be at all controllable.

However they are indeed very impressive so if you don't disapprove in stopping game play and restarting the game then here's how to see them:
1. Get into the drivers seat of any ordinary car (not a micro-car).
2. Use the camera view key (default key 'C') to switch camera views until you just see one left wheel.
3. Don't change the camera view and get back out of the car.
4. Now get into and back out of a micro-car.

To increase the size of the effects simply repeat step 4, this will amplify the effects even more so.

You will notice that the smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes of vehicles is now extraordinarily exaggerated. Just wait til you see what an explosion looks like...

Note: doing this will cause a great deal of lag, even on powerful computers. However I will provide you one more hint to experience them... To reduce the amount of lag when using VIP's; before you start a game of Freeride, reduce the number of police, pedestrians and traffic you want in the game to a little less than a third, this should be enough for you to enjoy the VIP's and take some cool screenshots.

X-Ray vision

1. Get into the drivers seat of any micro-car.
2. Use the camera view and change the view once (it can be any view, it doesn't have to be the one of the left wheel).
3. Get back out of the car.

Tommy's vision (his view of things) will now be very different. He will be able to see through things, walls, cars, even people. For example when you get close to a car, the body of the car will disappear and you will be able to see the driver inside.

Repeating step 3 will increase this effect also...

The ALIVE mod - Countryside Daytime mode (in alphabetical order)
Alien Super Powers

To begin with, it is not necessary to buy potions from the alien alchemist in the Works Quarter if you are starting a new game of Freeride Countryside - Daytime.

Note: this only applies to Countryside - Daytime, Countryside - Night and City - Night modes. If you are playing City - Daytime mode you will have to buy the potions in order to gain alien super powers

In the countryside (both day and night) you have an unlimited amount of alien super power 'turn ons', however there are some restrictions...

Dropping below 30% health will not stop you from being able to restart your alien super powers once more (this applies only in the Countryside - Day, Countryside - Night and City - Night versions, it does NOT apply to City - Day), but you can only start up your alien super powers once per minute. So if you drop below 30% health for a second time in less than a minute, you will have to wait until the time restriction has passed before you can restart the alien super powers again.

Just like it was explained under the 'Alien Alchemist' description, to use the 'alien super powers' you need to press the key you assigned as the "Secondary" key for the Walk/Run function in Options/Controls. Toggling this key on and off switches the alien super powers on and off.


Twelve new gangs have been added to the countryside. Many of the gangs consist of four cars containing one or four gang members.

The gangs are as follows:
* Detective Lassiter Police gangs (3 single car gangs)
* Tractor Farmer gang (4 vehicles 1 gang)
* Black Metal 4WD Female 'Birthday Suit' gang (4 vehicles 1 gang)
* Black Metal 4WD Male gang (4 vehicles 1 gang)
* Mutagen 4WD Invisible Man gang (4 vehicles 1 gang)
* Funeral Procession gang (3 vehicles 1 gang)
* Prosecutor Silver Fletcher gang (1 vehicle 1 gang)
* 2 Sniper gangs (on foot) (4 snipers per gang)
* Ordinary Lassiter gang (1 vehicle 1 gang)

If you have eliminated all the members of a gang (all the occupants of all the same cars) then you will be rewarded with $50,000 and you will be able to steal one of their cars, however you will not be able to steal the other three vehicles.

Take note: if you successfully eliminate the Funeral Procession gang you are rewarded $250,000.

What's more, if you are successful in eliminating all twelve gangs in the countryside you will be rewarded with another bonus of $250,000.

WARNING! If you cannot defeat city gangs then forget about fighting with countryside gangs. They are far more cunning and dangerous.

Hidden Cars
There are 4 hidden cars in the countryside. The Toyota concept car, a brown Monster Truck, a red Mazda sports car and a red VW Beetle. The Toyota and the Beetle are bullet-proof.

You will have to be very careful when running or driving over patches of grass. Sixty landmines have been planted in various locations so one wrong step or one wrong turn will result in death.


Two priests have been added to the countryside. One is your friend, the other is your enemy. The friend is driving around in an ambulance with Sarah. When you are close to the ambulance your health will replenish, in other words it will start to rebuild if you are low on health. However if you are near the priest who is your enemy, you will begin to lose health, drained by the power of evil. The evil priest drives a Hearse.

Sarah and her Body Guards

Sarah chauffers the good priest around the countryside followed by two cars with body guards. They will attack your enemies.

HINT: If you want Sarah's body guards to follow you...

...then just kill Sarah...

I know it sounds terrible but this is the principle of every gangster.

Shooting Range

A shooting range has been added to the countryside. You can win money and lavish cars for skilful shooting.

* If you are 'accurate' (can hit a target) you will make money.
* If you're quick (don't waste time aiming) you'll make more money than someone who is slow.

However if you make mistakes, 'miss targets' you will lose money.

There are 4 'shooting distances' at the shooting range:
* Long distance - Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with Telescopic Sight
* Medium/Long distance - Springfield Military Rifle
* Medium distance - Thompson 1928 and Single Barrel Pump-Action Shotgun
* Short range - Colt 1911, Magnum and Sawn-Off Double-Barrel Shotgun

Note: if you try to cheat you will lose money. E.g. if you try to use the Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle from a different distance, (say medium) you lose money instead of making it. Very important! You will not be able to see the targets at the shooting range unless you have at least $10,000. How it works...

When you pick up a gun from one of the four distances (grey boxes) the human targets will start to appear. They appear in different locations and their distance from you also varies. They stay for a few moments and then they disappear, replaced with another target elsewhere. Your aim is to hit them with bullets.

Now each successful shot will reward you with cash, and ten successful hits in a row (which is called a victory) will reward you with an added cash bonus, plus a congratulations from Don Salieri and a fireworks display.

Three successful 'victories', (not necessarily in a row) will reward you with a new lavish bonus car, and of course a congratulations from Don Salieri and a fireworks display. A simple way to understand the reward system is like this...

10 successful hits in succession = a victory (money prize)...
3 x victory (not necessarily in succession) = a new lavish car + money prize.

Note: the cans on the barrels are not your targets, however they are there for a purpose. You can shoot them and get an idea of where your bullets will go. This will give you an idea of where to hit a target.

Swapping distances

After you have won a victory you can begin another tournament by walking to a different distance (another grey box) and selecting a new weapon. The targets will begin to appear again.

Note: you will have to wait for the fireworks display to be over before you can begin another tournament.

Cheat: chere is a method of getting around the rules of moving to another tournament. We'll call it a cheat! After you have completed a tournament you're supposed to walk to another distance (grey box) to begin the next tournament but it is not compulsory to do so... instead you can walk a few metres away from the grey box and then come back and use the same weapon again.

Theory behind the shooting range... The shooting range is designed on a similar principle to a casino 'Gambling', you bet and play, if you are a good marksman, you will win money, if you are not then you will lose it. It beats playing Black Jack and Roulette, and it sharpens your hand/eye coordination.

Super Weapons (Super Weapons in the Countryside-Day)

You will find an assortment of the super weapons at the phone booth beside Clark's motel. When you right click on the phone booth a drop down menu will appear and give you the option to choose the type of super weapon you require. When you take a super weapon from the phone booth the item will be removed from the floor of the booth, this is because you can only set one dynamite, doghead or Molotov cocktail at a time, however when you have used an item, then the item will be reappear in the booth, so that they are continuously available. (of course at no financial expense)

The ALIVE mod - City Night mode (in alphabetical order)
Alien Super Powers

You will not find the Alien Alchemist in the Works Quarter, however you have an unlimited supply of alien super powers charges just like in Countryside - Daytime, City - Night, and Countryside - Night.

Body Guard

There is a super body guard somewhere in the city. The super-speed priest can be found near the church in Oakwood.

Dolly Man

A new formidable enemy is lurking in the city. He is known as the Dolly-Man. He appears as an ordinary policeman, yet he hides a very nasty surprise. The Dolly-Man can clone himself, he can produce 6 clone cops who will fight for him. The clone cops attack as a gang (all at once) and they attack with melee weapons (not guns). Each clone cop carries a baton. They like to beat their victims to death.

The Dolly-man will release one clone at a time for 25 seconds. After all 6 have been released and the 25 seconds is up, they will disappear for 2 minutes. Then Dolly-Man will begin cloning himself again.

If you kill the Dolly-Man then his clones will disappear, and killing him rewards you with $20,000, however if you are able to kill all six clones and the Dolly-Man then you will be rewarded with $200,000, this is because being able to eliminate all 7 opponents is much harder, and here's why?

If you kill the Dolly-Man first, before he has cloned himself, his clones won't appear.

Note: during the time Dolly-Man's clones have been released you will not be able to save the game. Tommy will say, 'I gotta' lose the cops.


Tommy now has an "alter-ego", a clone called the 'doppelganger'.

The Doppelganger is an exact duplicate of Tommy, like a clone, but he is expendable. When you activate the Doppelganger an identical model of Tommy will transmute and discharge from Tommy's body. You can send him out in front of you like a scout. A scout to eradicate trouble.

The Doppelganger carries dynamite. He runs much faster than Tommy (350% faster) so moving Tommy will also move the Doppelganger, but he will move more rapidly and more further than Tommy.

When the doppelganger is moved near an enemy who is after you, he will detonate his bomb and blow himself and your enemies to smithereens.

Note: Once activated the doppelganger will only be serviceable for 15 seconds, after 15 seconds he will disappear, even if you haven't used him yet. You can keep track of the time you have left by the countdown timer in the top left corner of the screen.

What's more you are able to deploy the doppelganger while holding a weapon in your hands. There are two minor limitations when using the doppelganger.

A. He will NOT work if you're super speed is turned on, so in other words you will not be able to use him if you're under the influence of an alien potion.
B. You cannot use the doppelganger when you're in a car, it only works when you're on foot.

Tactical Advice: this clone weapon should be used in conjunction with your super speed. E.g. Turn on your super speed and run around the city looking for the enemy. When you find a target switch off your super speed and release your clone. Control the clone and manoeuvre it to your target, then simply switch your super speed back on.

Note: this weapon is VERY effective against the hidden snipers. When you see a flash or movement or a silhouette in the dark it might be a sniper. Use the clone to examine the situation... The Doppelganger is also able to kill Golem.

To deploy the doppelganger use your secondary assigned key (button) for Crouch.

Rescue Mission

Don Morello has decided to murder his arch-rival Don Salieri. He has organised a team consisting of 12 hit men who he sends to assassinate the Don.

Salieri is hiding on the elevated car park in the Works Quarter (where you find the green Lassiter roadster).

Morello, his driver and the 12 assassins are in a secret meeting at the 'Fire Service Pumping Station' in far west Works Quarter. You will see their 3 black Buick's and Morello's Silver Fletcher parked there...

Your job is to save Salieri and help him escape from his position.

After approximately 20 to 30 minutes of game play Morello's assassins will attack Salieri. They will also attack him if you meet the Don at the car park he is hiding on.

It is up to you to decide when you wish to take on this task. You can wait until the alert (Salieri will say he has a job for you) OR you can go to the location of the secret meeting and attack Morello and his gang.

If Morello's hit men succeed in killing Salieri, you fail your mission, the game will end and a message will be displayed. 'Salieri died'. If you can kill all 14 enemies. (12 hit men, Morello and his driver) you will be rewarded with $1,000,000.

Note: super weapons will not work against the team of hit men. They can only be killed by ordinary weapons. They are not as tough as gang members so you will be able to kill them, however they attack as an organised crime unit, quickly and professionally. Take into consideration that this is a very difficult mission to complete. It is designed for expert players.

Salieri's Bar & Restaurant

Salieri's Bar and Restaurant has now been opened for City Night mode. You will find quite a few new things to see and do there... some examples:
* A slot machine that can be used to win money.
* An elevator which makes two more floors available, including the rooftop.
* A secret room plus a few additional surprises.

The interior was originally developed by Braingib and subsequently altered a little by me (many thanks to Braingib for his contribution to the Alive mod).

Please note: the additional interiors cause the game to lag a little, it's normal that this would occur. In order to increase game performance the 'level of details' of newly added objects has been reduced a little and results in both Salieri's and Vincenzo's buildings becoming semi-transparent the further you move away from them. On the other hand... the closer you get to them the more opaque (solid) they become.

If this bothers you? Simply adjust the options of the game, go to Options/Audio&Video and set the scroll bar for Video: Level of details to maximum. Please be aware that this too will add some extra lag to the game.


There are ten snipers hidden in the city. Their hiding positions are determined randomly. If you successfully eliminate all ten snipers you are rewarded with a $500,000 cash prize.

Super Weapons (Super Weapons in the City-Night)

In earlier versions of the Alive mod the door to Salieri's Bar and Restaurant (City Night mode ONLY) was used to obtain the superweapons. Now that the door is being used to enter Salieri's building the superweapons have been moved. The superweapons can now be found individually at the nearest phone booths to Salieri's Bar and Restaurant according to the in-game map. Remember they are the phone booths closest to Salieri's and only those nearby booths will work.

Bear in mind that not all phone booths work in City Night mode.

Vincenzo's Gun Shop

Braingib has developed Vincenzo's apartment for City-Night mode. With his permission I have placed it in my mod BUT I have altered its behaviour.

You can now buy weapons from Vincenzo's place when you're in City-Night mode and you can also hire Vince as a bodyguard.

The ALIVE mod - Countryside Night mode (in alphabetical order)
Alien Super Powers

Just like in Countryside - Daytime (and City - Night) you have an unlimited supply of alien super powers charges.

You also have the same restrictions, you can only start up your alien super powers once per minute. So if your health drops below 30% for a second time in less than a minute, you will have to wait until the time restriction has passed before you can restart the alien super powers again.

Buried Treasure

Ten buried treasures (loot) are spread around the countryside. You will see them because they are marked by fires (fires are easy to see at night). However finding their locations should prove to be difficult. For each buried treasure you find and retrieve you receive $10,000 in cash. If you find all ten buried treasures you will receive an extra $500,000 bonus prize.


Three enemy cars have been added. There is only one enemy in each car. They are not gangs, but they will attack and try to kill you. And be aware, they are the most crazy drivers in the game.


Two robbers are in the countryside. They are not in cars, they are on foot. First they will try to kill you, then they will steal your money.

Take note: the fires that mark the locations of the buried treasures are only visible if the robbers set fire to their bin.

If you successfully eliminate all 5 enemies you are rewarded with a $100,000 bonus.

Alive Mod v.16Additional changes in version 16

- The Terrorist will appear less frequently than he did in the past.
- The two annoying blue spots have been removed from the road surface.
- All the super-weapons have been improved. They now function more correctly.
- The behaviour of all the bodyguards was altered, they are a little smarter now. As before they behave differently than the other.
- The city traffic was changed in all modes (City Day and Night, Countryside Day and Night) now it's lovelier and the routine is varied.

Thank You! © MikeMouse

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