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For fans of the game Mafia and my Alive Mod.

Let me introduce myself... My name is MikeMouse, and I - author of the Alive mod for the game "Mafia", created by Illusion Softworks.

So, according to numerous requests, a new website opened! The old site at Cityline ordered long to live, because my favorite provider Cityline closed (There were rumors that went bankrupt), and all sites in its domain, were deleted. This domain may be turned to ROLu and ROL is quite another story, aversion to contact. Sorry! Sitilayn was a good provider, in my opinion, one of the few decent хостеров who did not fight the money from their customers and do not cheat them the traffic. It looks like decent companies in our environment to survive is not easy.

Actually, in recent times on the site closed down the Mafia, one after another. It is not clear why, or interest in the game, the people gone (all the same mob for more than five years), or the site owners consider unprofitable sites contain about mafia. I hope that the real fans of the game Mafia will support my site, for example, its activity, interesting materials, and may even donations to fund the site.

Let`s talk about the game Mafia.

Let`s try common efforts to find out what is it that the phenomenon of the game Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven. Why are we willing to play it over and over again, although we know it almost by heart? Why is she captured our hearts and do not want to let go? What is the mystery of this old but ever new toy? Generation of players have already been replaced - leaving the old and new coming, and newcomers, as well as in its time the old mafiozniki, hero mafia and find more and more secrets. Indeed, developers Illusion Softworks managed to create something brilliant, do not be afraid of the word!

About secrets and tricks of the game Mafia.

In the game Mafia, so many secrets that they can ever seem to really tell me, who played in the mafia, from the exit the game, spent thousands of hours with it and dug nearly all the possibilities and mystery games, including at the level of scripts that should have been know all the secrets! But I do not know all the secrets of the Mafia - no, no and find a new secret any beginner This indicates only the infinite possibilities of the game, the enormous potential embedded in its developers.

About Modding, modderah and prospects of the game.

Share your thoughts about Modding, not at the level of scripts, as well as perhaps most of it is not interesting, but about how to make games and how they do not have to do what is good mod and that such a bad mod, a developer has a right to be called developer, and what has not this right. I propose to talk about the possibilities Modding in the broad sense of the word. How good or bad scripting mod? Should I wait for Mafia 2, or you can make yourself? And how do mafia 2, if possible? And also, I placed in this section, some materials that had never been published, for example, about the secrets of my mode.

About Alive mod. Rules, techniques and secrets of the mod game.

Alive mod is Alive mod. It speaks for itself, and not without reason, he still remains one of the best mode for the Mafia, and probably the only professionally made modom. Penultimate version of the mod (Alive mod v.16) was released about four years ago, but until now it never managed to surpass either in quantity or in quality inherent in his capabilities and new functions. And has released a new version of the mod (Alive Mod Evolution 18.0), which has more opportunities than version 16! For overseas fans of the game Mafia Alive mod has long been known, but it has historically, that the documentation was not available to the Russian (actually, it never was released), so the Russian-speaking fans of the mafia did not know this modom. It is time to fix it!

Archive with necessary and useful files.

And so clear This is just an archive of the program you want to create and install mode, of course, are modifications of MikeMouse, and movies on Alive mod. Here you will find кряков or Varese - all programs or copyrights, or freely distributed.

And of course just chat about life,
all that could be interesting...

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