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I would like to thank all the people,
that helped me and gave support to the project.

Without their help, I would have never developed a product of such quality. My site and my mods are dedicated to all the fans and entusiasts of Mafia. It is very important for me to know, that my work is of interest to other people. Otherwise, why would I have spent so much time on it? Those who enjoy the Alive mod should be grateful to the following people:

My beloved son Oleg

Before I thank the people who have helped me make this dream come true, I wish to thank the person who has helped me the most... I thank you son for your many wonderful ideas, for your unconditional support and endless encouragement, and for the excitement I see on your face when you`re eagerly beta-testing my work. The reason that the Alive mod is virtually bug-free is merited to his keen devotion and passion... Thank you Oleg!


who intorduced the Alive mod to the english-speaking Mafia fans practically from the first version, who has granted me his priceless help in writing the documentation for the Alive mod, being a generator of new ideas; whose enthusiasm has stimulated me in the creation of new interesting functions for the mod, and who granted me his moral support. I thank Soultaker for writing a list of in-game models and soundtracks, as well as for the development of an in-game map. Thank you very much, SOULTAKER!


who helped me a lot with cleaning up the streets of Lost Heaven. For example, with the opening of the gates of Salieri`s garage and clearing those annoying blue spots on the streets. Thanks for developing the nighttime interior of Salieri`s bar, that was included in the latest version of the Alive mod. Not to mention, that about 99% of my scripts were written using Braingib`s Script Viewer (BSV). Danke schön Braingib!

Don Nero

who lead the Alive mod support forum for a long time and who was actively participated in beta-testing. Thanks, Nero!


For his great description of the Mafia scripts, they started me on this journey.

Alexandr Gazko

for his QView (the best and most powerful hex-editor).


for helping with the mine models...

All Alive mod beta-testers

dimm, Don Nero, Soultaker, Bowline (a.k.a. Киналь), KaTMAN, Lirik, Махоnсhiк, MikeSullivan, oddy (especially ‘oddy’ for the unbelievable amount of work invested in testing!), timachu1, Tired, Tiranozavr, Victor L, ziya.

My special thanks to all the people, who gave me their support
and thanks to whom it became possible to make a new site.

Sharpey (for his help with translating the documentation into Russian), SilentSmart (for his moral and material support).

Huge thanks to all of you, folks!

Last news

Script of repairing car
Freeride Supreme by Darren
Functional Black Metal
Alive Mod Evolution (version 18.0) was released for public!