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Carlo Gambino as a prototype Vito Andolini (Corleone)


Carlo Gambino was born in the village of Caccamo near Palermo, Sicily. Carlo was born into a family that belonged to the "honor society". It was a mafia group in Palermo. From early childhood, Carlo saw a small crime, and in 19 years, committed the murder, and stood in the grouping "his own man".

At the same time in Sicily in the Gambino had problems with the police, and he illegally by boat, emigrated to America. Travel dawned not easy: on the ship were shortages of food, and all the way Carlo ate only anchovies, washed down with wine. Arriving in America, he went looking for his cousin Castellano names. Since moving to a new country was illegal, Gambino could not get citizenship, which is why in the future he had problems.

In the days of "Prohibition" Carlo worked as a bootlegger, a driver and contractor dirty deeds for various criminal gangs.

He maintained close ties with Paul Castellano. Eventually he married the sister of Paul - Catherine.


After Lucky Luciano left the crime scene - first because of the prison, and later because of the deportation to Italy, only one leader had the cunning and intelligence to become what might be called a de facto «Boss of Bosses" in mafia. That man was not Genovese, not Joe Bonanno and Carmine Galante - every single drop of no doubt that they are worthy of that role. It was a modest Gambino.

Gambino consisted of contrasts. Many members of the underworld was considered low and long-nosed Gambino coward.

Joe Bonanno called his "squirrel, obsequious and cringing man." According to Bonanno: "Anastasia used it as an errand boy I once saw Albert, so angry with Carlo, failed the simple task that Albert raised his hand and how to hit him ... The other man, a Sicilian, could not bear such a public humiliation. . Carlo is responsible obsequious smile! ".

Gambino was a man who preferred to remain misunderstood. He liked to portray humble merchant-to-neighboring-angle sorties in the old area of the fashion seekers on Long Island, which was very similar to the "Godfather" by Mario Puzo, who was created in the image of Gambino. Always he thought he was ready to turn the other cheek. Albert Sidman, chief of detectives of the New York Police Department, said, "Gambino was like a rattlesnake, which folds and shows that she is dead until the danger will not pass." But in the closed circles of the Gambino gang he was a staunch conservative, to demand respect for all the signs that befit godfather. He even used the secret signs of honor with members of the Mafia. When Gambino shook hands with the man, he put his hand to someone else, emphasizing that this is only a formality for him. But if he took seriously man, he put his hand on top.


Gambino was the most ambitious young accomplice, Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, founder of organized crime in America. He rose to become the second person after the brutal Albert Anastasia, to assist him in removing the first boss of the criminal family, Vince Mangano, whose body was never found.

When, in 1950, Vito Genovese was trying to get first place in the mafia, he became friendly with the Gambino, who planned the murder of Anastasia. Then he Gambino crime family inherits Anastasia and apparently, at least, for reasons of Genovese became a vassal of the latter. Gambino had other plans. Although he agreed to kill Anastasia, in parallel, he began to develop a plan to eliminate Genovese.

Anastasia was killed in a New York barbershop in 1957, shortly before the failed attempt to murder Frank Costello. It moved to the first position of the Genovese, Gambino, but the idea was soon to be realized.

In addition to its double game with Anastasi, Gambino quickly established relations with Costello and Luciano deported (both of them were close Anastasia). Along with Meyer Lansky, the four began to hatch a plan to remove the Genovese from the scene with the help of the public authorities. Genovese, just a few months stayed on the top, and sat down in the case of drugs (in fact, this was the second case, since federal agents rejected the first charge, fabricated Gambino, Genovese, and refused to take). He was sentenced to 15 years and died in prison, Gambino boss inherited the place the most powerful family in New York.

Carlo Gambino strengthened its position and that entered into an alliance with the right people, and unnecessary - to kill, so that no one even tried to challenge him.


When, in 1976, he died of a heart attack, he was buried as a real Godfather. Journalists and observers were moved away from the procession of hundreds of mourners. In the funeral procession was attended by prominent politicians and police chiefs deportamentov. Guards with stony faces had only a few threatening words, to remove any unwanted guests. It went with the majestic beauty that he would have approved of the Gambino. He was buried in the cemetery "St. John" in Queens, state and city of New York.

Karl left three sons - Thomas, Joseph, Charles - and a daughter Phyllis. Mafioso still say that it was one of "the most respected mafia XX century" and Mario Puzo when writing the image of Vito Corleone used the image of Carlo Gambino.

Regards, est_mort.

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