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Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (Bonnie Elizabeth Parker) was born October 1, 1910 in the town of Rowena, Texas. When Bonnie was four years old, her father died, a mason by profession and mother of three children moved to the Dallas suburb. Despite the fact that her family lived in poverty, Bonnie did well in school, especially succeeded in the literature.

September 25, 1926 fifteen Bonnie, attractive, petite woman (with an increase of 150 cm, she weighed only 41 kg), married a man named Roy Thornton. The relationship between the spouses did not exist, and in January 1929 they separated. Shortly after the break (the official divorce was not, and Bonnie to death wearing a wedding ring) Thornton got five years in prison. Next Bonnie met Clyde Barrow and romance began between them.

Clyde "Champion" Chestnut Barrow (Clyde "Champion" Chestnut Barrow) was born March 24, 1909 near the town of Teliko, Texas. He was the fifth child in a family of seven or eight children, his parents were poor farmers. Police first arrested Clyde for stealing cars in 1926. Soon he followed the arrest of a second - after Clyde and his brother Buck stole turkeys.

America, the thirties, the Great Depression. Bonnie Parker works as a waitress in an eerie backwater, and not without reason to believe that her future life would be boring, poor and hopeless. Therefore, when in sight of Bonnie suddenly turns charming, although not quite law-abiding Clyde Barrow, it immediately attracted her attention because it does not accept the laws of this fucking world, preferring to set their own rules of conduct. Clyde was young, beautiful and extremely ... crime. He repeatedly transgressed the law and had already served in prison, lost two toes that are cut off in protest against prevailing in this routine ... Bonnie knew immediately that it is - its fate. Bonnie is not only approved of the vital principles of the Clyde, which states that if the money runs out, then you need someone urgently to rob, but also the great pleasure to take part in its operations.

Of course, behind them are constantly hunted by the police. However, for the time being gang Barrow incredibly lucky, and they managed to slip out of the most sophisticated police traps. However, perhaps it was not just luck, but also in the fact that Bonnie and Clyde was absolutely nothing to lose, so any attempt to police to get the gang encountered a terrible leaden downpour of tommy-Ganov and the police, as opposed to those guys lose another well that had ... Nevertheless, it was clear that long terrorized America Bonnie and Clyde did not work. They themselves knew very well ...

"Now Bonnie and Clyde - the famous duo,
All newspapers are trumpeting about them.
After their "work" no witnesses,
It remains only the stench of death.
But a lot of them sounded false words,
And they are not so cruel.
Hate them snitches and liars,
And the law - their mortal enemy."
(Bonnie Parker)

This is a story that tells us Arthur Penn based on journalistic legends of the time and that those who watched the movie knows well. "Bonnie and Clyde" - very old (he filmed in 1967), but the cult film Arthur Penn, who once initiated the whole direction of the gangster movie. On this film, a lot of arguing and then continue to debate today. Many critics claim that Penn started the whole romanticizing and poetizatsii thugs, which certainly need to condemn. Other critics, on the other hand, said that under the guise of Bonnie and Clyde Penn led the so-called lost generation of the era of the Great Depression, and that their example, they say, demonstrated a challenge to modern society, and shooting gang Clyde police - this is actually the dispersal of anti-war demonstrations and so on. ..

30s - the years of depression in the United States. January 13, 1930 Clyde Penn walks into the diner the Dallas shortly after his release from prison - it serves premilenkaya blond ofitsiantochka, yet nobody knew Bonnie Parker. What happened between them? What mysterious force drew them to each other? Love at first sight or a sudden outbreak of passion? Hardly ... Maybe Clyde Bonnie deceives tales of romance roving life of unlimited freedom and power, which can be achieved by force of arms? It is closer to the truth. Bonnie sick of vegetating in lousy cafe, she had long been hated hamovatye customers and trays of dirty dishes. Work hard for peanuts in a cheap diner, being married to a poor work, give birth to children who will then be nothing to feed, Bonnie did not want to. The faded like daily make other colors. Varieties failed: Bonnie life still remained monophonic, true gray color changed to red - the color of human blood ... "The little blond lump" as Bonnie wrote on his blog, excited exciting stories about the life of reckless vagabonds, told her that Clyde . As a woman it is of little interest to the leader of the gang. Those still in jail changed his sexual orientation and lost two fingers on his leg under mysterious circumstances. Bonnie contented love affairs with other gang members. His friendship they fueled tales of looting and violent fights.

But we have sinned against the truth if we say that Clyde and Bonnie were cold and dispassionate. They are passionately fond of weapons. Together they are often left out of the city staged the shooting range. Perhaps the marksmanship of all types of weapons was the only science (Bonnie and Clyde were illiterate and have not completed even primary education), in which they reached perfection. Sweet couple liked to be photographed with the weapon: Bonnie with a pistol in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth posing before the lens. Clyde with a rifle in the photos looked easier - it lacked artistry girlfriend. Bonnie admired pistols that her lover wore in a holster under his coat, and the power that came from carrying trunks of death.

Soon they began to work together. Their deadly odyssey began with robbery with a weapon warehouse in Texas in the spring of 1930. There they were armed to the teeth. The legend of the "Robinhood" facilitating wallets-bags untenable: a couple of mostly looted snack bars, shops, petrol stations. By the way, in the robbery of banks in those days it did not have much money to earn - the Great Depression of the banks raked all the big money, and Clyde gang sometimes longer received, robbing some roadside shop. But sometimes at the box office, and not to gain 10 dollars. robberies script was usually as follows: Bonnie was sitting behind the wheel of a car, Clyde broke and took away the proceeds, and then on the run, shooting, dropped into the machine. If someone tried to resist, then immediately gets shot. However, they were ruthlessly removed and innocent bystanders. They were not just thieves, they were murderers, and their scores were as ordinary people like the owners of small shops and gas stations, and police officers who preferred to kill Clyde, to avoid prison.

Once criminals have stolen the sheriff, stripped and bound, thrown to the side of the road with the words: "Tell your people that we are not a gang of killers. Come into the situation of people who are trying to survive this damn depressed. "

After killing the first police officer who decided to check the documents of a suspicious couple from the car, there was nothing left to lose: now they are probably waiting for a death sentence. So Bonnie and Clyde had a ball and, without hesitation, fired at people in any situation, even when they are almost out of danger. August 5, 1932, two police officers spotted on a rural holiday Clyde. When they asked him to come up, a thug on the ground laid both. A month later, breaking through police checkpoints on the road, the band shot the twelve guardians of the law. Pretty soon, their band was joined by people: older brother Clyde Buck and his wife, Blanche, and a young lad C. W. Moss, which they have picked up on some kind of a gas station, seducing "free life" romantic with a big road. And also the lover of Bonnie Raymond Hamilton and Clyde which showed a special feeling ...

Therefore, no unearthly love between Bonnie and Clyde was not, by definition, but that they really were very devoted to each other, there was no doubt: Bonnie once pulled Clyde from prison, handing him a date weapons and Clyde later when police arrested Bonnie rescued girlfriend, cheekily attacked a police station. Murder excited bloody couple more than sex or alcohol. At night, I drank whiskey, and Bonnie wrote bombastic romantic poems in which bemoaned their fate ... and have fun with accomplices. Their native desire to live a life of fun and bright, and alike in pathological passion Kill: Bonnie, Clyde killed people because they like to do it. One of the gang members, named Jones, said the interrogation: "The two of them - the monster. I've never seen anybody who'd so enjoyed killing. "

Once in Kansas Bonnie first I saw the poster of "Wanted by the police," with his image. The fact that he and Clyde became "celebrities" Bonnie shook so much that she immediately sent to major newspapers dozen letters with pictures, which they did with Clyde at his criminal ways. Bonnie with all available means are supportive of the version that they Clyde - fighters for justice. After all, the banks that they rob, belong to the powers that be, rather than poor farmers and small businessmen. Later in the newspapers were published of her work ...

Wild manners raiders, their unbridled passions and baser desires suggests, whether people fear. Of course, behind them are constantly hunted by the police. However, for the time being gang Barrow incredibly lucky, and they managed to slip out of the lyrics roumnyh police traps. However, it was not just luck. Bonnie and Clyde was absolutely nothing to lose, so any attempt to get the police gang encountered a terrible shower of lead "Tommy Ganov" ...

Early on in the criminal career of Clyde arrested. First time he escaped with the help of Bonnie, the second time Governor of the State succumbed to the tearful prayers of his mother, and Clyde was released from prison on parole (!) Word. In 1933, when photos of Bonnie and Clyde with the words "Wanted by the police" have decorated streets of the state of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, the bandits recognized master of the house, which they rented.

On the capture of the gang all the forces of the police of the city of Lawton were thrown, but the criminals after a fierce firefight that killed brother Clyde Bob managed to hide in the nearby woods. Bloody couple miraculously escaped from the environment and move to Texas to meet with the mother of Clyde. Then they got into an ambush: the sheriff's people have long followed Cammy Barrow. Bonnie and Clyde got a scratch, but the machine on which they are running away from the cops, the bullets looked like a sieve. Licked wounds, Barrow gang again entered the "high road." Again nachaslya criminal terrorism: murder, carjacking, robbery. Raiders took over the FBI. The Minister Edward Hoover named Clyde maddened animals, all forces had been ordered to shoot to kill. The hunt is on ...

Texas Sheriff Frank Hamer still ran the path of love couple. He analyzed each of their attack, made maps and charts their movements over the years, learned all the places raids and the way they chose. "I wanted to get into their diabolical plans, - he said - and I did it." A few months he and the acolytes tailed Bonnie and Clyde. But the criminals went straight from under his nose. Finally, the father of one of the gang members, Henry Metvina, in exchange for the pardon of his son offered to help in the capture. Henry Metvin gave the police the key to the house where the hiding criminals. The house was surrounded by two dense koltsamm police, all entrances to it are blocked.

On the morning of May 23, 1934 on the road, there was a knock-off "Ford". On the driver had dark glasses, he sat next to a woman in a new red dress. In the car, two thousand rounds of ammunition were stashed away, three rifles, twelve guns, two shotgun ... and saxophone. And yet there was no hope for them. Meet them moved the car the sheriff. Hamer out of the car and ordered the bandits to surrender. Clyde immediately grabbed his rifle, Bonnie - for revolver. But it is unlikely they could make at least one shot. Lead hail hit the car. More than five hundred bullets stuck in the body of gangsters, and they were literally torn to pieces, and the police continued to pour riddled deadly car fire ...

The first pages of American newspapers were full of reports of the death of Bonnie and Clyde. Mutilated bodies of criminals were put on public display in the morgue, and wishing for one dollar could see them. Curious was quite a lot of dead bandits ... Photos posted all the newspapers. America breathed a sigh of relief. The inscription on her tombstone Bonnie says: "As the flowers bloom in the sun and the freshness of the dew, and the world becomes brighter thanks to people like you."

"Suppose you are suffering from heart pains,
A decrepit death will take.
But the misfortunes of fate Bonnie and Clyde
Do not compare your small adversities!
The day will come, and will fall to the eternal dream
In neskorbeyuschey loose earth.
And relieved the country and the law,
They were sent into oblivion."
(Bonnie Parker)

Author Marina Kuznetsova.
Sharpey specifically for the site MikeMouse.

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