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Alfonso Capone (Scarface)

Was born on January 17, 1899 in Naples, Alfonso was the fourth of nine children of a bankrupt barber Gabriel Capone and his wife, Teresa, later immigrated to the United States. Resides in Brooklyn, one of the poorest areas of the city and criminal, Capone family was primarily concerned with their own food, and because the formation of the young Alfonso turned essentially banned from on samotek. One of the most legendary gangsters of the XX century, Capone until his death remained almost completely illiterate. Like most children of Italian immigrants of the first wave, Alfonso got up very early with the need to earn a living. Like others of his peers, he could only qualify for the heavy, low-paid work, devoid of every perspektiv.S the other hand, even a small offense opened the way to one of the city's gangs, and provides an excellent opportunity for a criminal career.

Having inherited a difficult character of rebellious Italian peasants, a young Alfonso took quite obvious decision for themselves ... New friends Capone from Brooklyn street gang "Bim Booms" quickly learned his handling of a knife and a gun. The student got them very capable. By the sixth class Alfonso has become a full member of the gang, and along with all patrolled the streets of his native district. Around the same time, his hard temper put an end to the continuing education of the young bandit. One simple remark teacher so Capone withdrew from himself that he pounced on a poor woman with his fists and knocked her to the ground. Ran to the noise of the fight director properly punched the young Alfonso in front of the whole class, which is why the latter felt so humiliated SEB that never appeared in the school. Reluctance to accept on a someone else's power was to become one of the main traits Capone and cost is not a life.

Capone threw a school for two years, tried lots of different professions, and having to work at a bowling alley, and a pharmacy, and even in a candy store, but it more and more attracted to the night life. Thus, for example, I like to play pool, it is within a year won absolutely all tournaments conducted in Brooklyn. Simultaneously Capone continued hard training with arms and became an excellent fighter at loggerheads, with the result that was soon spotted the legendary band Johnny "Pope" Torrio, known as the "Gang of Five Stems" ... The most powerful and numerous criminal organization in New York, gang Torrio It consisted of more than a thousand gangster hunted looting, robberies, racketeering and contract killings. It Torrio, Capone has taken on the role of one of their personal thugs taught him especially dangerous stunts, which subsequently allow Alfonso to rise to the very heights of the criminal world. Until the end of his life Capone was Torrio grateful for the many lessons on real beginning of his career, lightning, and often called Johnny "father and teacher". The first time after joining the gang Torrio preferred charging Capone dirtiest and simple business organization from beating indebted shopkeepers to collect tribute from prostitutes. After the trial period ended Capone and he proved his criminal talent and ability to deal with unexpected situations, Johnny moved it to work as a bouncer at a family owned hotel Torrio "the Harvard Inn," where Capone was to spend the next year.

By this time he had won among the "Five Stems" excellent reputation as a fighter and continued to regularly exercise in the art of possession of a knife, which he is already a long time had no equal. While at Harvard Inn, he has perfected his shooting from pistols and automatic weapons, which every night spent two hours in the basement of the hotel, exercising on empty bottles ...

After a year of proper functioning bouncer Capone took the place of the hotel barman. Around the same time, he earned his famous scar, which will serve as the hallmark of his life until the end. Gave Capone hated nickname Scarface, this scar 12 centimeters long descended on the left cheekbone down across his cheek, right up to his chin. Himself Capone subsequently enjoyed the occasion to invent the history of the appearance of the scar, often talking about how he was hit by enemy shrapnel, fighting in the First World War in the "Lost Battalion", but in reality this scar he earned by coaching a gangster, in the address companion whom Capone released some banal compliments. Perhaps there is no need to explain what was the fate of this unfortunate gangster. December 18, 1918 Alfonso, who turned 19 years old, married 21-year-old Irish girl, Mae Coughlin, and a few months later became the proud father of little Albert Capone. However, at the same time business Torre in New York went really bad, and he was forced to move the majority of operations is a free city of Chicago. Capone, meanwhile, held a prime suspect in two cases of intentional murder, but was released when the main witness for the prosecution suddenly lost his memory, and physical evidence mysteriously disappeared from the judge's office. Shortly after the release of Capone again picked a quarrel with one of the rival street gang organization, and in the end simply killed him. Without the aid already left town Torrio his chances for another easy release are very slim, and, "the Pope Johnny" calling and describing the current situation, Capone was invited to Chicago, quickly packed his few belongings and, together with his wife and son immediately left New York. Arriving in Chicago, Capone takes office bartender and bouncer in "Four Deuces" - Torrio new club, where he quickly gained a reputation as the most aggressive bouncers in town. Moved visitors often leave the club with broken arms and ribs, sometimes - with a concussion, and once even a blood poisoning when Capone is so beside himself, that the poor man bitten neck right up to the arteries. Such behavior could not long remain unnoticed, and soon he became a frequent visitor to the nearest police station, but thanks to Torrio relations with the police always let his freedom for two to three hours after the arrest. While working in the "Four Deuces" Capone on behalf Torrio strangled with his bare hands for at least twelve people, whose bodies under cover of darkness imposed through the basement in a quiet alley behind the club where Capone always waiting for pre-fast car stolen ... But in fact, Johnny Torrio had very different plans for the future role of Capone in Chicago. While as Torrio was just starting to win a reputation among the underworld of the city, his uncle, known as "Big Jim" Kolosimo, it was the absolute master of all clandestine brothels and gambling houses Chicago. Unlike Johnny, Big Jim liked luxury and constantly seen in public, flashing a scattering of jewelry. It suited the profits derived from the existing institutions, but because he firmly rejected the constant offers Torrio opened on the outskirts of Chicago underground plant for the production of beer and whiskey, which according to John was destined to bring millions into the project being considered by the Senate of Prohibition. And soon after the adoption of Prohibition was almost a matter of accomplishment, annoyed Torrio still decided to entrust this question correct Capone.

Big Jim Kolosimo was killed May 11, 1920, after which Al Capone on behalf of Johnny Torrio took over the entire chain of production and supply of beer and whiskey all underground Chicago bars. His popularity among the local gangsters and frequenters of brothels Torrio was growing day by day, and in the end, Capone was a real hero of the underground city. Several times during the baseball season at the largest stadium audience Chicago standing ovation his appearance, while the game once visited US President Hoover was in disgrace booed ... Aged Torrio weaker every day, and Capone took over more and more responsibilities Don this criminal cities in the world - capo di capo. During his heyday his underground organization composed of more than a thousand armed gangsters, and more than half of the city police (!). Capone's regular salary paid private senior police officers, prosecutors and mayors of districts, the deputies of the legislative assembly, and even US congressmen ... Once the mayor of Cicero, a small margin of Chicago, took the liberty to adopt a new decree without his agreement with Capone. Furious Gangster broke into the city council hall, the mayor pulled the lapels of his jacket on the street and beat him to death in front of the assembled crowd of townspeople and deputies. However, the title of "King of Chicago" had to Capone and its negative sides: his family is constantly threatened by anonymous phone calls, he was shot on the streets, in clubs spiked with poison.

One of the most ardent opponents of Capone - the head of the second largest street gang Chicago Dion O'Brien - once made a well-planned attempt on his life, riddled from multiple guns room at "Hawthorne Inn" where Capone stopped for a few days. Considered hiding under a heavy marble table Capone dead after his room window over a thousand bullets were fired, O'Brien went to celebrate the victory, while selected from the wreckage almost destroyed the hotel Capone already planned retaliation ... As implementing fast and brutal murder O'Brien Capone chose two of their best shots, John Skalizo and Albert Anselmi. However, almost immediately after they destroyed O'Brien, Capone learned of the plot and Skalizo Anselmi other rival gang, according to which they should have in the coming week to clean and very Capone. Inviting shooters at a banquet in honor of the successful work on O`Brayenom, Capone with words of congratulations drew advance harvested ornate golf club and in front of the audience and the gangsters she killed them both. Now it remained only the last enemy Bugs Morgan - the only survivor assistant O'Brien, whose murder later mark the beginning of the collapse of the whole empire of Al Capone ... Valentine's Day a few choice Capone gangsters, dressed in police suits raided the cellar Morgan and built seven O'Brien remaining bandits along one wall. While the people of Morgan decided not to resist, taking an event for another police raid, gangsters Capone calmly shot them with machine guns, firing more than a thousand bullets. Unfortunately for them, most Morgan at this point in the basement was not, and it is with the help of the city stood a huge media scandal surrounding the "Bloody Valentine", which forced the audience to change their minds about the war ... Home butlegerskoy fall of the empire Capone put one of his own people in charge of the horse and greyhound racing. Eddie O`Heyr - the best of agents embedded US Tax police in the underworld of Chicago - tax inspectors revealed the place where Capone hid their supplies books reflect the real turnover of his empire. Never in my life did not pay income tax, Al Capone was arrested in June 1931 on charges of malicious non-payment of taxes and was forced to appear before a federal court

The amount of proven failure to pay was so low that Capone would have to pay it out of pocket money his young son, but the prosecution rejected his offer to settle the case out of court for a huge sum at that time of $ 400,000 and brought the matter to an end, leaving Capone was sentenced to a maximum fine of $ 50,000, reimbursement of legal costs in the amount of $ 30,000 and the maximum for this type of crime the term - 11 years in prison. His property, as well as his wife's property was confiscated, but most of the loot was recorded on dummies and several dummy corporations, resulting in almost all former wealth Capone, is estimated by police experts at $ 100,000,000, still remains on the hands of his family ... The first year of imprisonment, Al Capone spent in prison in Atlanta, and in 1934 was transferred to the known as "The Rock," Alcatraz island prison, where he was released after five years, almost helpless and doomed patients. His health Capone lost as a result of uncured syphilis that was taken up in the carefree years of his youth in New York. The outcome of the retrial Capone was declared insane and placed under the guardianship of his own family ... At the same time remaining faithful to him gangsters of Chicago after years of searching still found to change the name Eddie O`Heyra and brutally killed him in his car. However, the effect of old-Capone was finally eased, and the restoration of the former empire could be no question. And although his few fellow gangsters for several years continued to regularly visit his ailing Don and tell fictional stories about "taking the central hotels" and "respectful address to the heads of crime families of America" and his former accountant specifically continued to fictitious balance earned for him so way millions, end of the half-mad King of Chicago was close. In January 1947, Alfonso Capone died of a massive brain hemorrhage. His body was brought from Florida to Chicago, where they immediately came under the protection of several dozen armed gangsters with machine guns. Even after his death Capone continued to command the legions of the underworld of America. After the funeral ceremony closed the former King of Chicago family's request he was buried under anonymous gravestone, where the legendary gangster rests to this day ...

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